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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE January 5, 2021 Tuesday Some readers were not happy about Collage Holiday. So, Collage postponed holidays on January 4 & 5 announced on January 3, 2021. ๐Ÿ™ Nice Day M G Warrier A Bhishma Stuti B Quote of the Day "Change is a constant in life, not only things but people change as well. In the journey of life, people will come and they will leave as they are destined to. Hence, one must not get too attached to anyone." -Bhishma Pitamaha More quotes at G(b) C Interaction 1) Santosh Kumar Sopanasangeetam I had an opportunity to hear a live programme by Ambalappuzha Vijayakumar at Tali temple(Kozhikode) two years back. Also met him in person at Kollur temple once. He may not be the best in terms of traditional rendering but he took sopana sangeetham out of the percincts of temple and popularised it. Nice to see him singing in video 2) S K Gupta Panchkula Collage 04012021 D(2) 'Sharing and Caring' was not only thought provoking but touchy too. Sometimes, we tend to draw hasty conclusions without properly analyzing the real situation. But then, making suitable amends thereto gives a whole lot of inner satisfaction too. (Please consider sharing this with Without Reserve-Collage) E Leisure: Hug matters 'Moral' accompanied by this 'pure-hearted' reaction by this 'tiny tot' on board the flight, speaks volumes about the fact that the humanity, kindness and empathy still remains the universal phenomenon even amidst various odds.The 'Human Life' is the most precious gift from the almighty God. Let us also do something for the 'others', who may not be lucky enough to be blessed with anything and everything they genuinely deserve. D Spirituality/Faith Isavasyopanishad*... He who sees Him in all and all in Him, Hates none. He who feels for others as he feels For himself ,loves all.... Suppose that in life we had the same all embracing love For the whole of mankind and for our neighbor in particular, And when everyone of us and every nation learns the secret Of Love will not the world become a great place for Harmony? Let us study Ramayan. A great epic. Follow the path of Ram who is symbolic to Realistic Adorable Man as the word gives us the meaning. Ra is Agnibhijam, A Is Surya bhijam and M is Chandrabhijam Which means elimination of Sins committed , gaining wisdom and Removal of all hurdles......... Basis of Harmony with his ardent people is: Seetha, Lakshmana, Compassion calms Passion, Bharata, Satrugna , Cooperation evokes Love, Hanumadh samedha Kindness melts cruelty, Ramachandramurthy who is embodiment of Love Dissolving hatred....... This creates Basis of Harmony . We all bow low with reverence Making others to bend......seeking His divine love and grace... Basis of Harmony if only we mortals learn, how the world would be!!! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™ Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan (Isavasyopanishad: *For further reading: Sri Isopanisad (Discovering the Orginal Person) -- A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada" E Readรจrs' Contribution 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram writes about S Venkitaramanan, Ex-Governor, RBI There was a golden period, not very long ago, when our colleges were vibrant with meaningful debates. One such debate took place in the University College, Thiruvananthapuram, in the1940s. The debate was led by the brilliant progeny of the Principal, C.S.Venkiteswaran who was a student of Sir.C.V.Raman. The topic of debate was the relevance of communist ideology. Subrahmonium spoke eloquently about its irrelevance and concluded his speech by inviting the opposing speaker to challenge him. He deliberately added an epithet to his name: 'the grandson of Stalin' which caused laughter among the audience. A bespectacled, lean youngster, clad simply in jibba and dhothi, stood up smilingly and walked to the podium. He said: "My friend Subrahmonium has introduced me as the grandson of Stalin. Obviously, he didn't mean it biologically, but meant it as a political appellation. Thank you, my friend. I am only proud of it." He referred to the well-known Oxford discussion on the theory of evolution where Bishop Wilberforce tried to cover his ignorance of the subject with his eloquence. Then followed a brilliant speech explaining, in very clear terms, the tenets of communism. The audience sat spell-bound. And, when the speech ended, there was thunderous applause. The speaker was Shri.S.Venkitaramanan who later became the 18th Governor of Reserve Bank of India. 2) R Jayakumar Mumbai Uncertainty of being positive... Most of our older and experienced friends, including Mr Warrier, have advised us to have a positive attitude in the new year. We have entered the new year with a renewed hope of getting rid of the Corona Virus, as the government has already approved the much awaited vaccine for the dreaded disease. Soon we can move out freely, party freely, shake hands with friends freely. We are awaiting a life of new liberation, once we get ourselves vaccinated against the virus. That was the positive thinking in my mind when everyone was getting ready to usher in the new year. On the night of 31st December I went out for a walk as usual. As I was entering a narrow lane where the street light was dim and the traffic much less, I suddenly felt the loss of total balance and fell down backwards. Instantly I realised that it was my vertigo and giddiness. One or two scooters and autos passed by without waiting, probably thinking it was another case of staggering drunkard, as one of my footwear had reached the middle of the road. As my head was getting little clear I saw a man who came and asked me 'what happened'. He called another man and both helped me to stand up and also got me my footwear. I told them that I am a patient of severe vertigo and that I should not have come out alone in the night. Asked them to get me a rickshaw so that I could go home straight. On reaching home I felt shattered. Had the incident happened on the middle of the road while crossing, even if a motorist coming from a distance of hundred metres would have hit me in that night. Vertigo is troubling me for more than a decade. For every changing of season it becomes severe, requiring a visit to the ENT and month long medication. Till now I never felt it so bad, while walking on the road, to fall down. So first thing first day morning of the new year I went to my ENT. I told him I have lost all optimism fighting the vertigo and I fear to go out of house now. He gave his prescription and advised me to behave normal in life... So, what is positive for me in the new year! Is it Uncertainty.? I read most of the poems in the link attached to the College dated 3rd Jan until I came across one poem which gave a meaning to Uncertainty, calling everything in life as uncertain except the death. The said poem is copied below... (Collage can wait. Kindly take care of your health and safety. Reduce "screen time" as it causes strain on eyes and posture can aggravate vertigo-Warrier) Uncertainty There is certainty in uncertainty , And there is a huge uncertainty in certainty . The doubts keep clouding my thoughts , With all the things I have been taught . The things I think , contradict others And my ideas need a link to another . I do not think , solution will come that easy , It will have twists and turns like any good-old mystery . Uncertainty will keep on , till the final stop , And there is nothing that will make it drop . Sometimes , I relish the feeling of not knowing And othertimes ,'Tis a torture ,to not know ,'Tis a sad feeling And all the unknowns we uncover in our life's journey , Facing the days sunny , chilly as well as stormy . The thing we survive with all the hesitancy , May or may not even have any relevancy . The death ,the only certainty we get from our life , And others are coincidences , just to keep us alive (Nylee.Aug 2016) F Bhishma Pitamaha 1) Bhishma Ashtami, The Death Anniversary Of Bhishma Pitamah 2) Bhishma Stuti The meaning of Bhishma Stuti from the Shrimad Bhagavat on the festival of Makar Sankranti - Sandipani" 3) Vishnusahasranamam G a) Unknown Facts about Bhishma Pitamaha b) Quotes from Bhishma Pitamaha 21 Important "Life Lessons" Believed To Be Given By Bhishma Pitamaha From Death Bed:


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