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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Happy Republic Day https://youtu.be/DRQDfLziFPs President's Greetings Republic Day 2021 Live Updates: President Ram Nath Kovind Speech Live, Gantantra Diwas Quotes, Images, Parade Timings, Flag Hosting" https://indianexpress.com/article/india/republic-day-2021-live-updates-parade-farmers-tractor-march-delhi-ram-nath-kovind-7160971/lite/ January 26, 2021 Tuesday Good Morning V T Panchapagesan's Republic Day Message "Every year some VVIP used to come participating in the Republic Day celebrations. This year due to Corona, there is no VIP participation. Even in our Residency where I stay the function is cancelled .. Equality, Fraternity, Justice and Liberty were the slogan of our Constitution which none of us either knows or understands the meaning..... We need to be awakened at least now on this day duly learning and educating the masses towards progress of our country... I quote Will Durant, an American historian who has said about our country: "India was the motherland of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s Languages. India was the mother of our philosophy, of much of our mathematics, of the ideals embodied in Christianity, of self-government and democracy. In many ways, Mother India is the mother of all. Before Indian art, as before every phase of Indian civilization, we stand in humble wonder at its age and its continuity. Probably no other Nation known to us has ever had so exuberant a variety of arts. Textiles were woven with an Artistry never since excelled...from the days of Caesar to our own the fabrics of India have been prized by all the world. Every garment woven in India has a beauty that comes only of a very ancient and now almost instinctive art.......... Let us reflect our thoughts this day understanding its originality bringing back to shape by our effort.." V. T. Panchapagesan ( William James Durant was an American writer, historian, and philosopher. He became best known for his work The Story of Civilization, 11 volumes written in collaboration with his wife, Ariel Durant, and published between 1935 and 1975.) Thank you, Sir, for this profound message. Collage will try to share this further. Fortunately we reach out to an audience from the age group 16 to 96 from different walks of life. 🙏 Happy Republic Day M G Warrier M 134 Quote for the day: "Indecisiveness and procrastination are the chosen ways of life for most people. They follow the course of least resistance, which is to do nothing. This provides a security blanket of never being wrong, never making mistakes, never being disappointed and never failing. But they will also never succeed.” — David Peoples (David Webb Peoples is an American screenwriter who wrote Blade Runner, Unforgiven, and 12 Monkeys. He was nominated for Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA awards. He won the best screenplay awards from the L.A. Film Critics and National Society of Film Critics for Unforgiven.) A Interaction 1) K Ramasubramanian Mumbai Kathakali Yes . The involvement of the audience is so great that audience actually become virtual actors and get immersed into the scene. Most of the audience are proficient in the story and adept in the standard movements of Kathakali. Apart from the colourful and attractive attire the presentation to elevate the audience to the character itself is backed by tremendous practice of the artist and the richness of the story with nuances of the individual actors. A great art indeed. Thank you Shri Babusenan 2) P K K Nair Dear Warrier I very carefully listened to the discourse on Yoga Vasishta (Choodala story ) with intense attention, lasting for more than an hour. This is the very first time that I am listening to Yoga Vasistha and I would like to hear his discourses again and again later. The Swamiji’s diction is lucid but powerful, his story telling is simple but forceful and his presentation style elegant and thought provoking! The story of Choodala should be told to our younger generation because it is they who have to go through the life with all it’s ramifications! Thanks to you in abundance for collating such valuable discourses by great scholars and presenting them through our globally renowned “Warrer’s Daily COLLAGE” 2) C V Subbaraman Mysuru Life & Death Interesting comments by Nallasivan on Life and Death. The lives of seven great personalities seem to suggest that there is some defiance of Natural process of Death. The seven greats who are Chiranjeevis: Ashwaththaamaa, Bali, Vyasa, Hanumaan, Vibheeshanah, Kripa and Parashuraama. Some believe Maarkandeya is added to the list, although the Sanskrit verse does not cite his name in it. We do not hear about the "death" of these Greats. So when Brahma tells several Daanavaas, who seek immortality as boon, that it cannot be granted, is he not telling the Truth? Some might say that these Great Seven (or Eight) are only described as "chiranjeevis" (blessed with long long life) and not immortal!. Why did Hanumaan choose to remain on the Earth? The story goes that Hanumaan enquired whether He could be blessed with the continued pleasure of chanting the Raama Naama in the other World too, to which He was told that this is not possible. So Hanumaan chose to remain on Earth as He considered the chanting of Raama Naama as superior to any other pleasure here or elsewhere. But every such pleasure has its own limitation. He is the next in line for the position of Brahma (Bhavishya Chaturaananah) in the next Kalpa, elevated(?) from the position of Hanumaan. So too, is Raja Bali who now lives in a netherworld waiting for the position of Indra in the next Kalpa. I believe that both these "elevations" are really no elevation but otherwise: Brahma is believed to have told a lie and suffered a curse and loss of one of the heads. Indra has done a lot of evil deeds for which Indra is also punished in several ways. Assuming that there will be similar acts on the part of Brahma and Indra in the future Kalpa too, should these great devotees like Hanumaan and Bali suffer these and if so why? Lakshmana is destined to leave the Earth earlier than Rama and there is a reason for this: Lakshmana is avataar of Aadisesha, the bed of Lord Vishnu. He wanted to go in advance to be ready to receive Rama, the Avataar of Vishnu, when He reaches the Vishnu Loka. Similarly, in the case of Balaraama it is believed that He departed from the Earth after he missed Krishna at the end of the internicine war among the yadus and Krishna followed after being hit by the arrow of a hunter. Why did Ashwaththaama live long? It is because of curse of Krishna that Ashwaththaama should suffer the pain of all those killed in the Great War for eternity! So it was not because of any boon unlike several other Chiranjeevis. Subbaraman 3) Prabha Ramadurai Delirium I am sorry. As usual I am late in responding. When I read Mrs. Vathsala’s mail on delirium I could well imagine how difficult it would have been for her to manage her husband. (I have experience with my sister-in-law and mother-in law). Some times during delirium the amanushya shakti or resistance shown by the patient becomes unmanageable. My mother-in-law was holding Satya Saibaba’s photo in her palm which we could not take out till she was in the ICU. The attendant needs lots of courage, patience and strength to handle such situations. I know Vathsala madam very well- she has been always calm, composed and courageous and handling many crises with aplomb. Those days we see advts “We two- ours two” but now “only we two” is a bitter pill to swallow. Maybe that is why God has given enormous mental, emotional and physical strength to ladies to overcome such situations. Hope Mrs. Vathsala comes out of this irreparable loss and is back on her feet with refreshed courage. Prabha Ramadurai 4) S Nallasivan Hyderabad Dear Warrier When you had to withhold* Jayakumar's long mail to trim it to a reasonable level why did not trim and remove the last paragraph. Normally Jayakumar is sober and very reasonable. My name Nalla... is misleading and many friends literally believe that I am one. In this case Jayakumar and myself have not met in person and had he occasion to interact with me in person he would have drawn altogether different picture. Friends normally carry a tendency to exaggerate and blow things out of proportion. Should one to get a real, correct opinion on anybody, especially married men, it should be the wife of long years. In a couple of years we should be celebrating 50 years of togetherness. I apprehend that it will not be appropriate to share my wife's real assessment about me. S.Nallasivan (*The withheld response was from Nallasivan which appeared in Collage next day 🙏-Warrier) B From Here and There 1) Hospital Etiquette" https://www.thespruce.com/hospital-etiquette-1216631 2) Book Review: R Narayanan https://www.amazon.in/dp/1636335896/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_iiVdGb15BGPEZ From India R Narayanan An excellent book that provides useful insight on banking Reviewed in India on 25 November 2020 Verified Purchase I completed reading this book and I must say I found it very insightful. The book is divided in three parts, covering full details and developments on the topics in each section. Mr Warrier has clearly taken a lot of effort to gather information from various reliable sources and presented them in a way that I found to be very much relevant to the topics selected in the book. The book will be very useful to bankers, economists and students pursuing studies on Indian banking and other financial sectors. One will get a fairly good idea and grasp of the various aspects of the Central Bank's Monetary policy and its impact on the economy. Excerpts from the speeches of some of the RBI Governors have been included in the book, which I found to be very resourceful. I take this opportunity to congratulate Shri Warrier and also thank him for bringing out this book. R.NARAYANAN C Readers Write 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Ajamila Here is a story connected with the famous Ajaamila episode in Shreemat Bhagavatham: In a particular town there was a notorious ration -shop owner who earned both notoriety and money through black marketing.Once ,while returning home,he happened to hear a bhagavather beautifully reciting the Ajamila story.He stood there till the Harikatha was over.What he understood was this:Ajaamila,a Brahmin,abandoned his wife and child and led a bad life in the company of a prostitute who threw him out when he was of no use to her.But ,when he returned home ,his wife and son received him warmly and took great care of him.At the time of his death,Ajaamila called aloud his son whose name was Narayana.As ,at the moment of death, Ajaamila uttered the Lord's name,despite his wrong doings,he was bodily taken to Vaikunta, the abode of the Lord.So the point is, whatever one may do, one's sins will be absolved if one utters the Lord's name (He has not one name, but one thousand) at the moment of death. And the ration shop owner decided to change his sons' names to Narayana, Sreenivasa, Padmanabha and Kesava. He refused to tell them why. He continued his heartless black marketing activity until he was, due to old age, bedridden. When he started showing signs of death, his wife sent for the sons who promptly came running and stood round his deathbed. Either fully or partly consciously, he yelled: "Fools, at least one of you could have stayed back at the shop?" And, at that moment, his soul left the body! Ajaamila called his son only. It so happened that his son's name was the Lord's name. Even to accidentally happen so, one needs God's grace and cannot be manoeuvred. That was the moral the late Sathya Sai Baba, who narrated this story, wanted to convey. Shri Nallasivan's attention is specially drawn to this story. Perhaps, he already knows it. 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