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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE January 24, 2021 Sunday Music https://youtu.be/PQmrmVs10X8 (Chayya...Chayya... Link Courtesy: Ramesh Warrier) 🙏 M G Warrier Note: Some responses have been withheld to manage space. Thought for the day: "If economists could manage to get themselves thought of as humble, competent people on a level with dentists, that would be splendid." -John Maynard Keynes (John Maynard Keynes, (born June 5, 1883, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England—died April 21, 1946, Firle, Sussex), English economist, journalist, and financier, best known for his economic theories (Keynesian economics) on the causes of prolonged unemployment. His most important work, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1935–36), advocated a remedy for economic recession based on a government-sponsored policy of full employment.) More quotes at G A A Back Office for Collage? S Nallasivan Hyderabad We normally rise from our bed to the sweet smelling aroma of Filter Coffee. When Coffee has arrived piping hot we look forward whether the Paper Delivery Boy had arrived. The satellite News channels cry coarse non stop, still we are happy to peruse news in the print, the sheets still warm and smell printing ink. We many a day wait near the Gate if the Boy had been delayed. Now substitute the News Paper with our own Warrier's Collage. One must be wondering when Shri Warrier ensures to hit your Mailbox with utmost effort before 6-30 AM, his Back Office must have been busy well before 5.00 AM. Have you ever noticed when the Collage has reached you in the morning? On the New Year Day, 1-1-2021, you could open the pages of long mail with appropriate Video clips sadding spice at 6.20 AM. We could make it out that Warrier has set a harsh schedule of releasing his Collage not later than 6-30, though very rarely missed it by the whisker. But you were still asleep it had been delivered even before the clock struck 6-00. Possibly Warrier had his handful occasionally and his mail had arrived after 7-00 and in a rare solitary case when it was delayed to the chagrin of Warrier at 7-51. Do you sincerely wish and feel that it is time that Warrier had recruited a suitable Editorial Team to ease the pressure and daily tension. Of course we are the lot who gained by Warrier's Labour . But Mrs Sudha Warrier is the ultimate loser in the process. She had to sacrifice her kitchen help the affectionate husband who made it a point to cut the vegetables. Even Shri PPR has been claiming that even as a young lad he was certified as the best one in slicing/cutting vegetables for his mother when she ruled the kitchen. Besides losing her husband to the Back Office of the Collage, she possibly has given up preparing Aloo Parota as her husband now a days never venture out in search for a bunch of fresh green coriander leaves that gave special aroma to her Aloo Parota. She could have recruited as the new candidate, her grandson Vihaan who had ample experience when he had always joined in his grandfather's pursuit for bunch of green coriander leaves for the Aloo Paroto in the making. But then he has moved away now to a house near to his mother's Office and his College. The ever affectionate Warrier possibly steps into the kitchen or steps out of the Flat when his burden in releasing the Collage is unloaded. For the two, husband and wife, now a late breakfast made no difference as they are left to attend to each other. S.Nallasivan B Interaction 1) K Ramasubramanian Mumbai About Narasimhavatharam Kathakali (230121) "When there were no sophisticated technical support for the stage to recreate the murder scene is the richness of Kathakali Great salute to those artists Thank you so much" 2) V N Kelkar The House of blue mangos "I liked the first hand account of his experiences at House of the Blue Mango Tree at native place. Shri Nallasivam ensured that his parents live last leg of their life with dignity by constructing his own house. The reference to lemon tree which offered sustenance to his mother's life and the collapse of the tree after the mother left this world makes the reader sentimental.? VNKelkar 3) S M Sendil Cheñnai Very happy to see Nallasivan's response in the Collage. His fluency in English is unequaled and his narrative talent to describe vividly all events big or small is unique. He has recounted in his posts, many unhappy events in his life,but this time he has happily written about his own house in his native place, and his parents comfortable stay there, and about the Blue Mangoes from the tree in the premises. I too have tasted that variety of Blue Mangoes நீல மாம்பழம் usually available after the Mango season is over in May. The fruit really tastes like honey. C Faith/Spirituality 1) Pleasant Personality: V T Panchapagesan Chennai Pleasant is a word for things that are pleasing to hear by us all. Ice Cream is considered Pleasant by most People.. A second meaning refers to a person who is Polite or agreeable . People who have good manners , give compliments . Smile often considered more pleasant than someone who screams and curses others—- But there is a recipe with some ingredients . But can we get it , not possible . We have to make it ourselves.... A recipe for an ideal character with special ingredients which has to be Properly mixed, has to be made by us only...... 1. Take generous portions of kindness, courtesy and tact. Add a certain amount of attractiveness and pep in walking and talking. 2. Blend these well, putting in the centre a clean heart, over this a clean body, And on top of that clean clothes.. 3. Throw in a dash of humor, if we have it. 4. To hold this together, mix in all the willpower, self control, ability to take Criticism, and concentration we can find on the shelves of our heart.. 5. Throw in honesty, simplicity, sincerity, frankness, keeping our promises... 6. Cook thoroughly in the oven of charity and we will have people eating Out of our hands figuratively.... If we cannot prepare these , search sincerely some noble people around us... For instructions/ guidance... V. T. Panchapagesan. 2) The Potter and The Clay: "Bible Verse" https://www.bible-knowledge.com/potter-and-the-clay/ Excerpts: "One of the most powerful analogies in the Bible regarding our transformation and sanctification in the Lord has to be the analogy of the potter and the clay. The Bible says that God is the Potter and we are the clay. It is up to God to mold, transform, and sanctify us as we journey through this earthly life." D Readèrs' Contribution Médical Conditions Delirium: Vathsala Jayaraman (Written from personal experience) Delirium is a sudden onset of confusional state caused by medical illness and normally is stated to last for shorter periods. It is said to be associated with 'hospital syndrome'. At least 10% of people in hospitals suffer during hospitalization, after surgery and so on. Seems to be common in hip surgery. It is more common in senior citizens that suffer from pre existing memory problems or head injury or brain infections.Also may be caused due to prolonged medication of neuro drugs. The main symptoms of delerium Are:- Disorientation:- Where they do not know where they are or what day it is,whether it is day or night and easily get distracted. Paranoid thoughts where they become distrustful of people caring for them. Seeing or hearing things that are not there or hallucination. Agitation and restlessness make them shout or become aggressive and they try to pull out IV lines. Sometimes they become extremely normal within hours and change again to delerious state. Usually symptoms tend to be worse during nights. Normally investigations are conducted to look for possible causes. Sometimes sedatives wont work at all. Some worry that they have become mad. In our case all test results were normal. Yet delerium continued and resulted in cardiac arrest. They say that delerium can recur again and again and new episodes of confusion are common. it is very easy to advise to remain calm. But it is very difficult for the patient as well as the caretaker. For three continuous days my husband was saying only "RAM' without any break, though he was fully conscious. I do not know whether he was chanting Rama Naamam or it was a result of delerium. After Raama Maama stopped he became totally unconscious leading to further deterioration. The same neuro drugs which kept him alive for 32 long years, enabled him to fulfill all his duties, have become the cause for final journey too. I have earlier known something about delerium but personally experiencing the same thing is really too taxing. As senior citizens, it is better to be aware of such issues. Vathsala Jayaraman (Thanks, Vathsala Jayaraman. Very few among us dare to share experiences which help some to at least feel that they are not the only ones chosen by the almighty to test the peak or nadir of endurance. Loved ones' tolerance level faces the ultimate challenge when the care-receiver starts helplessly staring at the care-giver and the communication drips. Psychological conditions are less understood even by experienced Médical Professionals. You could get through the test as a result of decades of "Tapasya". Though I have not met you even once, this is what I have understood from our interaction. 👍🙏-Warrier) a) R Parthasarathy says: " I could not go through Vathsala Madam's note on Delirium with my usual cool, as the narrative pertains to one of our colleague's life partner, though written in a language of certain philosophical composure. What is consoling here is that Madam was able to withstand such an amount of agony and misfortune. With high respects, R Parthasarathy b) V T Panchapagesan "I was undergoing this torture for about a month or so When my wife died due to Tetanus when I was working For about three days in The bank continuously averting a crisis. Had I been in the house, I could have saved her as we knew what Tetanus was. Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan" c) S Nallasivan's response: Possibly there is nothing more to add to what erudite Vathsala Jayaraman had to say on Delirium. More so when she had the recent trauma of spending days in the company of her husband Late Jayaraman. It could be a temporary phase owed to sudden withdrawal of Drugs/Drinks or not so severe illness such as a dehydration. In the case of terminal Delirium though one can not extend medical help, the overpowering fear of death and being left alone to suffer needed making the suffering patient to feel that he/she is being cared for by physical touch, holding hands and a hug or embrace. Madam has come to the conclusion the neurological palliative drugs taken almost throughout his life played havoc. It is sad that Delirium proved to be catalyst in causing cardiac arrest. Of late Shri Babusenan has been posting nice real life stories and in the end relate the theme to one or other functions of different area of the Brain. He could possibly come out with a story on Delirium and identify the real villain that induce or trigger Delirium. Delirium according to me could be too materialistic if it happened to be Terminal one too. My paternal uncle who was a Landlord owning a palatial house and a few acres of wetland, over the years was reduced to a life of hand to mouth existence as his only son, a wayward by his bad ways sold everything. And made my uncle worry whether his darling son had enough money to take care of his last rites. In his death bed he was blabbering about getting some property transferred, taking care of the proceeds of a sale, the made over documents to be obtained early etc., It was obvious he was lost to the present world and found comfort hallucinating his heydays rolling in money. It could be twilight arena too not to be explained by any reason or logic. Some people when nearing death used to call the names of relatives dead not necessarily in the recent past but died ages bag. My wise mother used to say there was some reason. When a soul was to depart his/her relatives arrived on the scene to take along and give comfort. In her case Madam has described an unusual phenomena that Shri Jayaraman obviously was conscious and still not for a day, but three days was reciting Rama Nama. Then never woke up from coma and had a massive cardiac arrest. Those non believers would make a fun when I assert that Shri Jayaraman who was well and deep into religious teaching and rituals was offering his own prayer for pain free deliverance and salvation. The Ajamila story in Srimad Bhagavatham is not a mere story and it carried a serious and significant message. Even if one who spent their whole life in worldly pleasures totally oblivious and ignorant of religious practices and rituals dictated to in the Scriptures just at the right time recite His name remember Him on the throes of death He would be there to support, guide the soul in the right path to salvation. When an animal, the Elephant Gajendra pleaded with pain He arrived swift and fast. He never turns up on his own. But He listens and responds to mere pleading, a prayer on the lips. After all, Vathsala's husband was JayaRAMAN and there seems to be nothing unusual in his three days uninterrupted call to Rama. S.Nallasivan E Blogs and Links I "V Shanta (1927-2021): Doctor on Duty - Open The Magazine" https://openthemagazine.com/feature/v-shanta-1927-2021-doctor-on-duty/ II Cricket "Young India is now the trophy team of Indian cricket - The Hindu BusinessLine" https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/blink/cover/india-vs-australia-2020-the-fearless-young-cricket-team-wins-the-border-gavaskar-trophy/article33623549.ece III "In the Frontline of Planetary Battles – The Book Review" https://www.thebookreviewindia.org/in-the-frontline-of-planetary-battles/ F Poetry "Poem Hunter" https://www.poemhunter.com/poem-amp/colored-toys/ 2) Soul Lonely*: Poem by Reshmy Warrier Soul Lonely Looking at the mirror, with no face to see Smiling at the world, with just pain underneath Away I walk on the shore, even the mud is pulled beneath What have I got, when my soul is put to sleep? It seems endless, this anguish and this fear The soul may have gone, having this pain to endear There is no point in this futile fervour, But that is the destiny of man With no pain he must suffer... With no soul he must wander! These were my concerns until times so near But now, without a soul; why should I fear? ***. ***. *** *Selected at random from Reshmy Warrier's collection of 42 short poems, "Mirror, Mirror on the Mind" (2013, brown critique & Sampark, Kolkatta) G Economists Quotes - BrainyQuote" https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/economists-quotes


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