A poem by Major Haripad Sankara Warrier

An Unknown Poet of twentieth Century- Major Haripad Sankara Warrier M G Warrier While rushing through my collection of books for disposal as we were vacating our Thiruvananthapuram house for letting out and didn't want to carry major portion of the collection to Mumbai which again may turn out to be a temporary refuge, among a few books which had come to me as gifts of love and affection I picked up for holding on. The 52 page book titled "Kavanatharangini" a collection of fourteen short Malayalam poems by Major Haripad Sankara Warrier is the book on my table today. The author is father of Shri C S Viswanatha Warrier who was my colleague in AG's Office Thiruvananthapuram during 1964-68 and continued to be my friend, philosopher and guide since then until he left us a few years ago and still continues to occupy that space from the other side of the screen even today. To give you a feel of the depth of the content, a free translation of one of the poems "Samaswasam" (Consolation) is attempted here : Let the sun and stars fade away Let the earth submerge in darkness for ever! I'll traverse the thick dark forest pathways, Using the little golden lamp at home. If the oceans bring the waves of music to a half, And the cuckoo doesn't open its little mouth, I'll still play on the golden strings at home Humming my lines at home! If all the streams dry out, And every cloud vacate the sky, I'll depend on the spring at home, To quench my thirst by wetting my dry throat! If it incessant rains pour, Or storms shiver the trees, I'm aware of the life's journey that remains, And will get down at my destined destination! (Poet's note : Attempt here is to emphasize the continuity of Atma and the perishable nature of everything else. Hence the conclusion in the last four lines) This poet's grandson Ramesh Warrier, a consulting architect by profession, writes and publishes poems in English. ***. ***. ***


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