Media Response : Protect professionals

May 17, 2023 Protect professionals After the tragic incident which resulted in the gruesome murder of Dr Vandana Das, I have been keenly following the responses of government and the media interactions on the genuine demands of doctors for security at workplace. Reports of attacks on medical staff in the past and even after this incident points to the need for immediate corrective measures. It seems security of all hospital staff as a scientific discipline is not in practice. Doctors and nurses particularly, work coping with the huge rush of patients and bystanders. Organising foolproof security in all the hospitals may not be achievable. In this scenario doctors on their own (may be through their Associations like IMA) have to formulate systems for themselves, even creating hospital-specific special funds which could be augmented by government/public contributions, to supply to all doctors on duty, equipments such as panic button alarms with connectivity to police and security officers of hospitals. The sudden alarm itself will bring the attacker to his senses most of the time. While on the subject, personal security of professionals including defence and security staff has to be a national priority. Serious issues get submerged while promoting constituency interests of stakeholders, mostly political leaderships. M G Warrier Mumbai


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