An elephant's plea for justice

An Elephant's plea for justice (In lighter vein) Draft Petition on behalf of Vanaraja alias Arikkomban before the People's Court by an elephant lover : Tó whomsoever it may concern Elephant lover circulates this draft petition with no copyright claims with the intention of supporting and if possible saving Vanaraja alias Arikkomban and any other similarly placed animals anywhere in the world. My client Vanaraja alias Arikkomban being an animal is not subject to any laws applicable to human beings as animals were never part of the law making process. Law enforcement agencies including courts have no rights whatsoever to make any observations or initiate any proceedings against my client for the same reasons. As my client has never been served any notice in this issue, it is prayed that my client's name may be removed from all orders and proceedings with immediate effect. If this is not possible for any reason, my client may be allowed to appear before the authorities initiating any proceedings against him and present his side of the matter through legal experts at the cost of the authority initiating the proceedings. Reserving the right to amend/withdraw this petition without any further intimation. Representing Vanaraja alias Arikkomban


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