Boycott by opposition

The Editor The Hindu Business Line Letters May 25, 2023 New Parliament building Many of the opposition parties have announced their intention to boycott the inauguration of the new Parliament building. This is not surprising as functionally opposition in Indian legislatures are known for frequent walkouts after disruption of the proceedings. Historically we never allowed a proactive or creative opposition to grow in India. Resultantly, though we followed parliamentary system of democracy institutionalising the democratic system from top to bottom, upto local self government level, the opposition took on itself the "mandated" role of opposing government at every level and on every issue. The boycott of the inaugural function of the new Parliament building is symbolic of the inherent urge to oppose the government of the day. Just for a moment, imagine, the Prime Minister decides to jointly inaugurate the new Parliament building along with the President. Then the opposition will shout in one voice that there's no such precedent in the past. High time the political leadership understood that the opposition can remain active even without opposing anything for a few days. M G Warrier Mumbai NB : This response was not published


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