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Know More about Palakkad Copied below is C V Subbaraman's response to Collage of July 13, 2023 : M G Warrier Sometimes it may be worthwhile to begin from last. The benefits of living in Palakkad are attractive. Is this piece deliberately coined to promote tourism to Palakkad? Or the ruse of some real estate dealers to help increase the prices of land in Palakkad? Palakkad district has been one of the favourite grounds of Leftists for a long time. I spent my school days and part of my college days in Chittur town of Palakkad district, though not in Palakkad proper. But I have often visited Palakkad, the district headquarters. Initially famous for 18 renowned brahmin agrahaarams (planned villages) it comprises many more added later and other localities called "tharaas". Palakkad Brahmins have been famous or notorious, as one might perceive them to be and many of them have made a mark in social, political and scholastic fields. Google search gives 30 places to visit in palakkad and neighbourhood areas, but I do not know whether it includes the Samaadhi of Thunjathu Ezhuthachhan in South Village , Chittur. There are also famous festivals in the district: to mention a few, Ratholsavam in Kalpathi village, Konganpada in Chittur, Vela in Nemmara, Saasthaapreethis (Ayyappan poojas) in Noorani village and in Tattamangalam. There are also many Bhagavati kaavus in the district which have their own annual festivals. Palakkad has always been a hot and humid place, with temperatures touching high in summer months and humidity above 88. Is that making for good health and long living, one does not know. But I do know for certain that there are many eyecatching and enchanting natural sights in and around Palakkad with many rivulets/rivers (which often dry in summer months). And Chittur Tattamangalam twin town in the district is generally known as the granary of the erstwhile Cochin State. Subbaraman


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