Understanding palliative care

Copied below is my response to the article "The need for strengthening palliative care in the face of Non-Communicable Diseases" (The Hindu, July 11, 2023). M G Warrier Media Response July 11, 2023 Understanding palliative care This refers to the article on palliative care (The Hindu, Text & Context, July 11). As explained, palliative care is generally misunderstood even by those responsible for healthcare management. First an awareness about the need to develop palliative care as a separate speciality has to be created among caregivers and policy makers. Generally, palliative care is misunderstood as something relevant for the terminally ill patients only, which is not the case. The professional counseling role of this branch of medical science needs to be developed. Those suffering from Non-Communicable Diseases including cancer and diabetes and their caregivers need ongoing counseling about dangers of overmedication and guidance in decision-making about going for costly treatment including surgeries especially when the patient has other age-related issues. M G Warrier Mumbai


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