Our railway network is a huge dustbin - Business Line

Our railway network is a huge dustbin - Business Line

The suggestion to have a Cabinet Ministry of Litter and Garbage(L & G) 
with inter-ministerial scope, funded a tax need to be taken seriously, 
not for immediate induction of Rahul Gandhi into the Central Cabinet, 
but for handling the underlying frustration of the common man arising 
from L & G accumulation of all kinds, not just around Railway 
property, but across the geographical area of the nation, on 
roadsides, in rivers, around places of worships and so on, in addition 
to the shiploads of ‘waste’ generated faster by use of substandard 
material in industry, construction and service. 
Living in Kerala, I find the crossfire among political leaders, state 
government authorities and municipal bodies, media and enlightened 
social workers on the method of handling waste. Awareness of the kind 
the author of the article has exhibited through his concern not to add 
to the heaps of garbage along railway tracks, should be created in the 
minds of public by appropriate incentives and disincentives
from:  M G WARRIER
Posted on: Mar 22, 2013 at 09:47 IST  


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