Our railway network is a huge dustbin - Business Line

Our railway network is a huge dustbin - Business Line

Hindu Business Line, March 25, 2013


Managing waste

This refers to “Our railway network is a huge dustbin” (Business Line, March 22). Even if made tongue in cheek, the suggestion to have a Cabinet Ministry of Litter and Garbage (L&G) with inter-Ministerial scope, funded by a tax, does indeed need to be taken seriously.
While it may not result in the immediate induction of Rahul Gandhi into the Central Cabinet, it could address the everyday frustrations of the common man arising from L&G accumulation of all kinds.
This is not just around the Railways’ property, but across the nation, on roadsides, in rivers, around places of worships, and so on, in addition to the shiploads of ‘waste’ generated in greater volumes each day by the use of substandard materials in industry, construction and services.
Awareness of the kind the article suggests, if created in people’s minds by appropriate campaigns, as well as incentives and disincentives for handling waste will go a long way in preventing further damage to health and environment from litter and garbage.
M.G. Warrier


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