Kanika Datta: Natural-born biases | Business Standard

Kanika Datta: Natural-born biases | Business Standard

World citizen

This issue was first raised in Parliament and later the ‘gossip’ was enjoyed by some idle mailers. The clarification provided by Rajan should have closed the speculation. We are forgetting that such uninformed allegations will affect the prestige of Indians as a community. We have done enough harm to the reputation of several celebrities of Indian origin in various walks of life by first ‘identifying’ them as Indian and then hounding them. World citizens like Dr Rajan may take it in their stride and take time to explain the real position. But this has an impact on the Indians whom we call ‘NRIs’ who are holding high positions abroad to the mason or tailor from Kerala or Bihar who has just landed in UAE for employment.
Now that Kanika has covered all important dimensions of the issue, let us hope we will not dig further and divert the attention of Rajan from his present assignment.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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