Prodipto Ghosh: The importance of being Indian | Business Standard

Prodipto Ghosh: The importance of being Indian | Business Standard

Online comments posted on November 12, 2013:

The author’s excellent narrative proves his background of Indian history, especially the developments during the late 1940’s and a grip over the biographies of people who occupied important positions in India, during the first half of 20th Century, despite their being citizens of other nations. The present RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan’s name is mentioned in the first and last paragraphs of the article. Beyond the above, the article does not connect with the appointment of Dr Rajan as Governor or does not draw any parallel or similarities in situations in which the great men whose names have been taken and the one in which Dr Rajan is placed presently. Writing on Dr Raghuram Rajan in August this year immediately after the announcement of his appointment as RBI Governor, I had made the following observations(The Global ANALYST, September 2013): “It has to be said to the credit of GOI that, even if it was in self-interest, generally, compared to other statutory bodies and PSUs, Reserve Bank of India has been getting a fair deal in selection and timely appointment of its head. This time, the process has been more transparent and all have accepted that among the candidates considered, the most meritorious has been selected.” As the ‘also rans’ were bureaucrats of IAS origin, one cannot blame ex-bureaucrats and even other hopefuls getting a little jealous about a fifty-year old taking charge of RBI, whatever be the person’s credentials. Beyond that, so far, no serious proof has been unearthed to raise objections against Rajan’s eligibility for being considered for the post which he holds now. Rajan too, cannot be accused of ‘exasperation’(whatever it means), if he refuses to share his precious time on gossips. Remember, the occasion was post-Monetary Policy Announcement briefing of the media.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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