Letters: Window dressing | Business Standard

Letters: Window dressing | Business Standard

Window dressing

This refers to the report “Your wait for that big I-T refund just got longer”( Business Standard, November 25). I wish the report is not based on facts. Not because I am waiting for a ‘huge income tax refund’. But, merely to have the comfort that in addition to all the allegations GOI is already being subjected to, the finance ministry doesn’t end up defending accusations of ‘window-dressing’, managed by doubtful accounting practices to show a lower deficit figure.
It is tough to coprehend how delayed payment of amounts which have already become payable will reduce the expenditure. Anything is possible, because we are hearing about thousands of crores of ‘unclaimed’ deposits with EPFO, LIC, banks and so on and huge balances yet to reach the fund managers even under the New(National) Pension System.
With all the development in technology, can we not think of a more transparent accounting system for public funds?
M G Warrier, Mumbai



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