Raghuram does a Rajan | Business Standard

Raghuram does a Rajan | Business Standard

Online comments:

How soon, we will get out of the ‘dependence’ on individuals like Kejriwal and Rajan, will decide how fast the Indian Growth Story will get back on the right track. The messages these eminent persons give are loud and clear. Now, it is for “WE THE PEOPLE” (Ref: Preamble of the Indian Constitution) to accept or reject these messages. Aam aadmi, as his tribe has a head-count of tens of millions, can no more depend on leaders to ask questions and answer for them. S/he has to fight for his/her rights, without forgetting responsibilities and duties. A promise in an election manifesto or a stated objective in a Monetary Policy Statement, important though they are, cannot show results, if majority of the people expect leaders to fight for their rights. M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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