Towards an economy of mutualism - The Hindu

Towards an economy of mutualism - The Hindu

My response (December 4, 2013)

This refers to the article “Towards an economy of mutualism”(The Hindu, December 4).
 Even if the rich and the powerful will pretend they are duff and the policy makers will remain dumb, there is a need for sane voices like this to raise their pitch. Media (both electronic and print) has constraints in providing space for ‘Gadgils’. In that context, a big ‘thank you’ to The Hindu. Keshav’s cartoon below the article, perhaps unintentionally, brought clarity to the theme of the article.

The concept of four capital stocks, created, natural, human and social is not ‘foreign’ to Indian planners. In fact, the post-independence stress on Five Year Plans and a responsible public sector had their base on this concept. Though where we lost it midway can be a matter of opinion, the reason for ignoring the concept in policy formulation is the unquenchable greed of the ‘rich’ who became rich overnight and took over the reins of governance. If it can be termed a failure, it was the failure on the part of the leadership to comprehend the hijacking of democratic institutions by vested interests and to insulate them from possible damage.

A large population in industrially developed states(compared to states like Kerala) are consciously kept illiterate and poor to ensure availability of cheap labour. Migration of workers to states like Kerala from other states and even the exploitation of labour in jails in Kerala, in the name of providing ‘cheap and tasty’ food for outside people, have an economic context.

M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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