IIM-A announces JSW School of Public Policy | Business Line

IIM-A announces JSW School of Public Policy | Business Line


‘School of public policy’
is an idea whose time has come in India. It is heartening to find that the
first serious move to establish one is coming from a reputed management
institute with resource support from a well-known corporate house. This makes
doubly sure that the project will take off smoothly. The vision woven into
Sajjan Jindal’s observation “Public policy has not received adequate attention
in our country. We feel that the vision of new India needs discourse and deeper
understanding of this subject; the School of Public Policy will contribute
immensely towards this cause…” is reassuring.
In due course, the
nucleus now being conceived and realised will grow to meet the educational,
research and training needs of our corporates, political system and bureaucracy
as the message spreads to our university campuses. The group of experts at
IIM-A when deliberating the details will definitely consider the need for short
duration programmes for legislators, business managers, civil servants and  trainers and interactive sessions for top
executives and ministers in addition to regular long duration programmes. IIM-A
so far has been conducting majority of their programmes with corporates in view
and this would be a welcome diversion for the faculty and the institution.

G Warrier
, Mumbai


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