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 Mutual distrust | Business Standard Editorials My VIEW: Mutual distrust This refers to the BS editorial “Mutual distrust” (July 27) which gives an excellent analysis of the current controversy arising from the draft Indian Financial Code circulated by GOI. Having said that, one is tempted to add that reducing the present controversy over the constitution of MPC to a case of mutual mistrust would be over-simplifying the matter. Government's eagerness to do back-seat driving in various organisations which have mandated roles to perform need to be understood clearly. If there is lack of clarity in the role expectations, GOI is welcome to make legislative changes. But it is a different story, if the government moves on to keep control over the 'application of mind' by statutory bodies like RBI through ensuring majority presence of their nominees in policy formulating fora. Experience shows that, so far, government nominees on boards generally take brief from ministries concerned before attending meetings and their freedom to think independently is limited. M G Warrier, Mumbai


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