The dilemma of parent and child - The Hindu

The dilemma of parent and child - The Hindu


I need some time to think...

May be, I have some views. They are not ripe enough to be shared.

Anyone who reads this article @Open Page, The Hindu, July 21, 2015 is welcome to post comments online.

M G Warrier Continued... Online comments published on July 22, 2015: "Just as someone long ago said, "No one has left this planet alive", every problem has a solution. Our laws and society's safety mechanisms are inadequate to deal with problems of the kind covered in this article. In such situations, new solutions evolve. Many social security issues and relationship problems have ugly money which individuals stumble upon and are not able to manage as root cause. I am not saying that poorer people have less problems. But, the society around them are more practical and cooperative in approaching such issues. The painful transition the present young generation is going through is agonising for the earlier generations who are helpless witnesses. This also will pass... M G Warrier, Mumbai


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