Mandatory recognition for trade unions likely | Business Standard News

Mandatory recognition for trade unions likely | Business Standard News


8, 2015
on consensus
This refers to the report
“Mandatory recognition for trade unions likely” (July 8). Though several
newspapers and analysts have been trying to tell Modi government during the
recent weeks, the lessons from the first year at the helm, they thought government
should keep in view while moving forward, there are no perceptible indications
to think that the political leadership is willing to listen. Already hurry has
caused a lot of worry and occasional embarrassments for the Modi Sarkaar.
The effort to kill
dissent by making ‘majority’ trade union powerful is not in good taste. While
the ultimate aim should be to have only two or three unions in every
establishment, making settlement of disputes and negotiations on wage and
HR-related issues, it can remain only a distant goal at this stage when several
unions have umbilical link with political parties.
Ideally, issues arising
from the labour laws being under Concurrent List should be sorted out first. ‘Concurrent
List’ came into being when there was almost single party rule in the country.
To get over the problem, Prime Minister could consider periodic interaction
with Chief Ministers to evolve short-term ‘Common Minimum Programmes’ on
priority issues needing consensus.

G Warrier
, Mumbai


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