Good old days...

Had started ‘exposing’ Rajan since 2013, says Swamy: Rajya Sabha MP and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has said that he had started ‘exposing...


"‘No degree in economics’

Of course, in 2014, when the BJP formed the government, Swamy had advised it against retaining him.
Rajan is actually a B. Tech student from IIT and a management student from MIT, Swamy said, adding that Rajan doesn’t have a formal degree in economics, which is a complex subject.
“I’ve been a professor of economics for almost 50 years, have taught in the best universities, and been a joint author with world-famous people of the likes of Paul Samuelson.
“I know the subject; it’s a very complex one. There’s no simple rule that if you raise interest rates, prices will come down.”"
Good old days...
Going by his year of birth (1939), Subramanian (do not know whether he was Swamy then) would have had his post-SSLC education circa 1953-58. Those days in South India, ‘intelligent’ students got admitted to science stream aspiring to become engineers or doctors, ‘less intelligent’ tried streams like Mathematics or Fine Arts and the residual ones went for subjects like Economics, Philosophy and so on. After passing out, those who were brilliant among Economics/Philosophy B As, tried their luck at Civil Service Examinations. Some got employed in government or companies like Tatas. Those who failed to make their marks anywhere, went for further studies and after post-graduation tried for teaching jobs. Rich among them went out of India for ‘further’ studies or research. Later in life, those with oral communication skills became lawyers after procuring necessary qualification or joined politics where educational background was not looked into.
M G Warrier, Mumbai 


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