What’s a good job all about?

What’s a good job all about?: A new book says there are various ways of extracting both joy and money...


"You also wonder if the ‘joy’ they found could have had less to do with what they do, let alone the grand idea that they were born for it. May be they found peace through a good work-life balance. Many stories are about folks who were getting burnt out in pursuing something, scaled back and found a way to earn enough while having time for other things. So, the key is balance – of money and joy; of long hours and switching off.
The book would have been merely entertaining if it just told us the fascinating stories of common folks and their experiments in trying to find their calling. But what makes it valuable is how it tries to analyse the stories and find common threads to give you a glimpse of the secret sauce (and in some cases the ingredients to avoid).
There are blueprints of methods, how to go about them, steps and timelines to try different things and alternatives. But it takes will power and the ability to go against the tide. The bottomline? No pain, no pizza.
Chris Guillebeau is a “modern-day explorer”. He visited 193 countries before he turned 35. His first book, The Art of Non-Conformity, was translated into more than 20 languages. His second work, The $100 Startup, sold over 300,000 copies. His latest book, The Happiness of Pursuit, was published in September 2014."

The review of “Born For This” by Meera Siva (The Hindu Business Line, June 13) gives a deep insight into the content of the book and an inspiring profile of the author Chris Guillebeau. Very few publications like Business Line and Frontline publish such reviews so rich in content giving a real feel of the books under review.
In a market of self-development and career guidance books, where different interests compete to attract readers for various reasons, such reviews help in short-listing the choice. Unlike, say two or three decades ago, when job-hunting was for livelihood or ensuring a secure career progression in one’s profession, today selection of a job or changing an existing one  has several dimensions in addition to remuneration or a secure career path. Even if one is not able to lay hands on the book, such in-depth analyses covering aspects like work-life balance, help readers to make their options better informed.
M G Warrier, Mumbai 


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