June 23, 2016
Reining in Swamys

This refers to the report “Jaitley to the rescue after Swamy targets Subramanian” (The Hindu, June 23). Dr Subramanian Swamy is trying to settle scores with a political system which didn’t reward him up to his expectations. He is a learned man with the backing of thousands of like-minded people who are disgruntled with the establishment and present government for different reasons. He is celebrating the ‘issue-based’ support he is able to command from different constituencies.  The earlier the BJP takes cognizance of this, the better for Modi government and the nation.
Options before BJP are dwindling. Nomination of Dr Swamy to RS has complicated an already messed up situation. Still it may be possible to wriggle out of the impending chaos, if BJP acts now. One option at this late hour could be, telling the party’s members who hold positions in government and party to raise their differences of views with government and ministers first in party forums and instruct them to follow party line in their public utterances. Those who hold important positions in government should be discouraged from using social media for blurting out contrarian views. This is distinctly different from participating in debates or seminars and expressing ‘personal’ views.
All are not Dr Rajans who can defend their own positions. When the attack has been directed to CEA Dr Arvind Subramanian, the fragility of bureaucrats vis a vis politicians has come to the fore.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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