Dr V P Gangadharan's SNEHAGANGA : Strength of Prayer

Dr V P Gangadharan, Oncologist

Copied below is a message included in my daily email to Exrbites Group on Thursday, May 25, 2017:
Good Morning All
Dr V P Gangadharan, renowned Oncologist from Kerala writes a short column, every Thursday in Mathrubhumi "Nagaram" a supplement issued with Mathrubhumi Daily. 
He is recouping his health after hospitalisation with a heart ailment early this month and expects to resume his active medical practice and social work in a couple of weeks from now. All these weeks, he expressed his views and experiences as a patient through his column "Snehaganga".
Prayers and "Get well" messages flowed non-stop into his mail-box. About that Dr Gangadharan says this week:
"Our life realises its goal, once another person feels, it is in my interest that this person should survive"
And quotes a former patient (who continues follow up treatment) telling him over the phone:
"Doctor, I prayed to the almighty, I don't mind leaving, but do no harm to Doctor"
Kindly include Dr Gangadharan's name in your prayers.
Warm regards

M G Warrier


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