Money and Power:Hindu Review of The Dialogue of the Deaf

“As the RBI seeks to rebuild its reputation, it is fortuitous that we have with us a book which the preface tells us aims to take the layperson through the history of the RBI. The layperson needs such a piece of writing for, again as this book itself points out, the many volumes of the official history of the RBI are far too tedious for the general reader to want to plough through. Some credit though must be given to the RBI for commissioning volume after volume of its history over the decades, perhaps the only public institution in India that has given history its importance.
TCA Srinivasa Raghavan has been writing and commenting on the economy in many of India’s leading newspapers for more than three decades. He was also involved in the writing of Volume 3 (1967-81) of the official history of RBI and for a while Volume 4 (1981-97). He says for close to a decade he also had access to the archives of the central bank. You could therefore not find a more knowledgeable person to write a book that explains, demystifies and critiques the working of the RBI since its establishment in 1935.”

I have posted my views on this book under the caption "Monologue in wilderness" sometime back here.
M G Warrier


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