"Anger growing against Modi govt" : Rahul Gandhi in US


Rahul’s willing
This refers to the report “Anger growing against Modi govt” (The Hindu, September 21). Looks, planetary positions are changing in Rahul Gandhi's favour after a long time. Geographically, today there is no better place than US for a political leader of Mr Gandhi’s stature to declare his intentions to play the lead role in Indian politics. A section of Indian media has assigned the job of giving the final makeover to Gandhi for becoming the main opponent to Modi to Sam (Pitroda) for whom Delhi politics is nothing new.
Converting the anger of the masses into an opportunity is an art. No one will dispute, there is enough anger against Modi. The anger is growing day by day, in the fertile grounds of demonitisation, one paisa loan waiver, beef to GST and fuel price to cost-benefit analysis of bullet train controversies.
When back home, the only uncomfortable thing Gandhi may have to handle is the delaying tactics by other leaders within his own party who are not as confident about a change of guard in Delhi in 2019 and therefore may make a last minute bid for status quo. Gandhi need to assert his position without going back to Sonia for help, in that unlikely eventuality.

M G Warrier, Mumbai 


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