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Highly objectionable: Linking Aadhaar with bank accounts not in sync with the law...
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Law and justice
This refers to the piece “Highly objectionable” by Jinoy Jose P (HBL, From the Views Room, September 20). Recently, lamenting about unethical behavior by law makers, social activist and poetess Sugathakumari in her poem mentioned about the helplessness of the frog which got hooked by Srirama’s arrow. The frog had been taught by its mother that Rama was the protector and when his arrow caused fatal injury, the frog suffered in silence.
If the political leadership which comes to power decide to do things arbitrarily or in violation of established norms and practices, a time has come when common man feels helpless and doesn’t even feel like going in appeal. The frustration emanates from the sense of futility in fighting the establishment. The money power of the rich or the omnipotent government will keep fighting in courts from the lowest level to the Supreme Court. If after long years, if the Apex Court rules against the intentions of the rich and the powerful (government included), the latter have their own methods to alter laws!
GOI has tasted success in withdrawing the pension scheme for government employees and now are confident in taking the Aadhaar imposition forward. As media adopts a ‘blow hot, blow cold’ approach to such issues, the other three pillars of democracy get immunity, if they become arrogant.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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