Right to Worship

Right to worship

A visit to Guruvayur temple early this week, by the Kerala Minister Kadakampalli Surendran accompanied by his family members has been picked up by certain political parties to involve the CPI (M) in a new controversy. The case against Kerala Communists is being built up on the premises that communism is against worship of God. Ironically, some Marxist leaders in Kerala too are lured to buy the argument and have agreed to "look into the matter".
Now that an issue of public interest has been raised in public, the CPI (M) should come out publicly explaining its stand on right to worship.
Indian Constitution confers certain rights to the country's citizens. Social or Political organizations in India cannot deny any of those rights, making it a pre-condition for their membership. If this much is agreed, resolution of the controversy arising from "Communist" Minister's temple visit will be quite easy.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


swfadnavis said…
I remember communist leader Namputripath used to carry out Pooja at home daily.I stand to be coorectd if I am wrong.

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