Reducing indents for clerical recruitment in PSBs worrisome, say unions

Reducing indents for clerical recruitment in PSBs worrisome, say unions: There is growing concern that public sector banks are ‘progressively reducing indents’...

HR issues in PSBs*
Vinson Kurien’s story “Reducing indents for clerical recruitment in PSBs worrisome, says unions” (HBL, September 27) covers only one aspect of several HR-related issues confronting public sector banks which have become the whipping boy for all the ills of the Indian economy.
Across sectors, from farm sector to IT, trade unions have succumbed to political influence and different vested interests have abused them and made trade union leadership inefficient over time.
HR issues in PSBs which have been there for decades, from board level appointments to recruitment of clerks are the main contributor to the chaotic situation these banks have landed as of now.
Inadequate attention to recruitment, training and In-house up-skilling of staff and large scale outsourcing (read engaging service providers to get work done in piece meal) was one of the factors that messed up things during November-December, 2016, post-demonetization.
Banks cannot work efficiently without depending on the trust and loyalty of staff and these cannot be hired through service providers. Different from other sectors, in banking, there is a ‘human face’ in each deposit account and every loan ledger. To handle banking business, therefore, banks need more workforce than, say the staff needed to manage a Mutual Fund portfolio or a stock-broking firm. And the bank staff need on the job skill development on an ongoing basis.
M G Warrier, Mumbai
*A slightly edited version published in Business Line dated September 28, 2017


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