Learning from experience: The art and science of publication

Publication of a book
In 2014, I published my first book "Banking, Reforms and Corruption: Development Issues in the 21st Century India"
The publisher was Sampark, Kolkatta. The book is still available at Flipkart. Being a fresher in the publication field, I learned many new things by publishing my first book. Armed with the experience, I am publishing my second book this year. When I am keying in this blog, Sai Kishore in Chennai is designing a cover for my new book. This book will have double the number of pages my first book had.
My first publisher was new to publishing books on finance. And new to modern marketing ideas/techniques. So, after watching the progress of my second book, I may consider a reprint or at least eBook version of my 2014 book.
Watch this space for further progress of my second book...
M G Warrier


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