SBI HRMD circular to employees: The Hindu interpretation
SBI HRMD circular on employee behavior

Excerpts from circular:

“Every employee is a Brand Ambassador for the Bank and his or her appearance and demeanor have an impact on the image of the Bank.”

This is a right move from the nation's biggest bank towards worker education.
I never expected The Hindu can come to this level. From the report, I find the SBI guidelines go well with the Bank's expectations from its staff (see excerpt above) and there are several issues covered in the internal guidelines on employee behavior issued by SBI HRMD, in addition to "belching" highlighted in the caption in this report. The anxiety of the newspaper to attract readers' attention through headlines like this is indicative of a complex normally found in evening papers of a particular category.
Of course, SBI HRMD also could have communicated some of the things included in the guidelines in a different way.
M G Warrier


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