Truncated articles

Truncated articles

On Saturday, January 13, 2018, I had forwarded a link to a Business Standard article "Urging Urjit Patel" by TCA Srinivasa-Raghavan to my friends. When one opens the link, only the introductory paragraph of the article will appear and a message would advise, to read full article one has to be an online subscriber. One of my friends suggested that we should not share such articles, where "marketing" is involved. I do not agree with this view. I will continue to post such links here and will also share them with other friends and friends interested in following my responses to such premium contents in the media may access this blog:
 Perhaps, nothing on earth is free.
Those who open my blog/mail and get stuck with the incomplete article because of “premium content” issues, may send individual emails to and I will send a snap of the article, where I have read full articles from print editions. Incidentally, I've also not subscribed online for Business Standard and I buy the paper from the footpath.
Please feel free to respond and share your views.

M G Warrier


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