Chengottu Mala (Chengottu Hills) : Poem by T P Rajeevan

Chengottu Mala (Chengottu Hills)*:
(Malayalam Poem by T P Rajeevan published in Mathrubhumi Weekly April 29-May 5, 2018)

At the beginning of the Universe
Accompanying God
I came walking.
Once we reached here
God left
Asking me to guard
This earth and YOU.
From that day,
I’m standing here.
Eyes open, 
Having no rest,
Or sleep.


I share the body with God,
So, my wounds are not visible.
I owe my voice and language also,
To God.
So, You don’t understand what I say,
You are not able to hear when I cry!


Standing here,
I can see everything,
Can listen,
Without moving a single step,
I can go anywhere and return.
I have watched Vasco D’ Gama
Landing at Kappad.
I have seen,
By burning the arsenal,
Zamorin, ladies and children
Immolating themselves!
In the eastern forests,
I listen to the roaring of
Trees and animals.
I come to know,
When the Arabian Sea become wild,
Without any apparent reason.
I follow whatever language you speak!


So long, for you
I stood in the rains,
Withered hot sun and chilling snowfall,
Stood strong in
Storms and Earthquakes.
Though hard and tough outside,
Inside I always stored,
Like Camels while treading
Long distances in deserts…
A bowl of clean water,
To quench your thirst!


Like me here,
God had entrusted many to guard
Different locations…
I can hear the thunderous noise,
Bursting out when their backbones break!

Now, I am the Prisoner of War,
The War which was never fought!
I’m sadly aware,
The valley down below,
Is my last dream!
Now, this valley,
These trees, Flowers, the butterflies
Birds, water-fountains
And (Yes), YOU…
To survive and win,
You always needed an ENEMY,
Now, that’s ME!
That’s all!
 *Free translation by M G Warrier


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