Books By M G Warrier on Banking and Monetary Policy

M G Warrier
Books by M G Warrier
1) Chasing Inclusive Growth Reforms for Financial Inclusion (eBook version) published by Notion Press Chennai.
2) India's Decade of Reforms. Paperback and eBook version published by Notion Press Chennai in January/February 2018.
Both the books are available at all leading online marketing outlets like Amazon, Flipkart, Ideakart etc
Book at (2) was reviewed in publications like:
a) Telengana Today (By Dr Yerram Raju)
b) The Global ANALYST (March 18 issue)
c) Malayalam Business and Finance fortnightly Dhanam and
d) Business Manager HR Magazine
The books are found useful for those preparing for Competitive Exams with focus on Current Affairs in the Financial Sector and Economic Development.
M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram


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