Restore Public Trust in Governance

Restore Public Trust in Judiciary
 The survival of all the pillars of democracy, and particularly the judiciary, in working condition, is dependent on public trust. The observation is in the context of distrust being disseminated into the minds of people by the political leadership in the name of preserving institutions responsible to administer justice and governance in general including regulating the financial sector.
The integrity of the people at the helm of several highest authorities including the judiciary is being ‘debated’ in public which affects the foundations that sustain institutions. As this is a wider issue, let me refer to just one instance. A petition filed in the Supreme Court by two individuals challenging the decision of the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha to reject a notice for a resolution impeaching was ‘withdrawn’ by the Counsel appearing for the petitioners when the Court was in session to consider the merits of the petition. Nothing wrong. Except the reason given for the withdrawal.
The Counsel later explained to the media that the withdrawal was in the context of non-receipt of the ‘order constituting the bench to consider the matter’. If the plea was granted, think of the plight of judiciary down the line, burdened with the responsibility of convincing every petitioner the rationale behind the allocation of cases among judges at every level. Those responsible need to make efforts to re-infuse public trust in governance.
M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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