Gold management in India getting a makeover

Gold management needs a makeover - No, " getting a makeover in 2019-20!"

This is old story.
I've shared this link to my article published in April 2012 many times earlier. Still, for some of you, who may open the link for the first time today, the contents or at least the shining gold bars will be of interest.
But, I'm sharing this link today in the context of the report I read in Business Standard today. The report spoke about:
Gold Regulator, Revamped Gold Monetization Scheme, making gold refined in India acceptable globally, about 30,000 tonnes of domestic surface gold stock, setting up of domestic gold council and so on.
By coincidence, in my contribution for June 2019 issue of The Global ANALYST, which will carry a cover story on the agenda for Modi 2.0, I have prioritized gold management.

M G Warrier


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