Time is not bankable: MG Warrier

Time is not bankable

What follows is the thoughtful, quick response to my Speaking Tree blog on time management received from CV Subbaraman Sir.
It's upto each one of us to make choices on what to do during next hour when the mind and machine (body) are in working condition.
CVS Sir has given some clues to reschedule our priorities.

M G Warrier

"We are all conscious of the "spare" time available to all of us for purposeful spending. But we all waste that spare time in idling, in gossiping, in abusing others, nay, abusing even God for not favouring us with our desires!
Planning time management can improve our life and others' lives too.
Enjoy your days and allow others to enjoy their days too.
C V Subbaraman Mysuru
Date: Fri, May 17, 2019, 5:28 AM
Subject: Time is not bankable!
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M G Warrier


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