Celebrity watch at airports, and inflight

Joy of running into celebs at airports- When did you bump on a celebrity last?

It happens. The year was 1985.
Venue: The baggage claim area, near belt No 1 at Thiruvananthapuram Airport
I picked up one square yellow suitcase, kept it down and asked my wife to take care.
(I had forgotten, she had told me Bollywood Actor X was traveling in the plane from which we had just alighted)
I collected our second and last piece of baggage, kept it down and looked for the first bag and the "chowkidar". Both were missing. My 11 year old son came running from somewhere and pointed to the place where "Amma" was standing with his 5 year old sister. She was watching X proceeding to the Exit.
Our square yellow suitcase was missing.
After some time a smaller "square yellow suitcase" appeared on the belt, partly solving the mystery of the lost suitcase. Owner of the smaller suitcase had left the airport with our bag. I collected the replacement and approached help desk.
Airport staff asked us to try our luck. The person may come back.
After two hours, a middle-aged gentleman came sweating and looking exhausted, carrying our "lost" bag. He apologized for picking up the bag from the floor. We exchanged bags and he rushed back. He explained that he realized his mistake only when the lock didn't open with his key, after checking in a hotel.
Even today I get a shiver down my spine when someone starts whispering something pointing to a celeb in-flight.
M G Warrier


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