Metronomics: There's substance in Sreedharan's plea

Metro Man’ to PM: Say no to free travel plan 

Sreedharan is talking sense, in a way, no economist or leader in India has ever spoken since independence. His message should not be seen in isolation with reference to Delhi Metro's finances.
It's time India thought of a national prices, wages and income policy.
Each product/service should be rationally priced, factoring in costs, profit margin and long term sustainability. Where a citizen or group deserved concessions or was liable to pay a higher price for specified reason, provisions for that should be made in a transparent manner.
Till these are done, we will not be able to question the intentions of government while providing concessions/subsidies arbitrarily as in this case where Delhi government makes good Metro's losses on account of implementation of the scheme.
M G Warrier


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