Devanagari : A possible common script for many languages


June 6, 2019
Accept Devanagari as a common script
Apropos M Jayaram's letter “The language tangle” (The Hindu Business Line, June 6), the South's aversion to Hindi has a post-Nehru era origin, when a fear-psychosis about compulsory imposition of Hindi enveloped the non-Hindi-speaking states. Till then, the three language formula (Mother tongue, English and Hindi) was under implementation across the country with reasonable success.
The Dakshina Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha based in Chennai was doing commendable job in propagating Hindi in the entire south. 
Most of the literate south Indians have working knowledge of Hindi. The best option today would be to revisit the three language formula, guiding all citizens to familiarize three languages including English, Hindi and a third Indian/Foreign language.
The social media users in India have mastered the art of using English or Devanagari scripts for communicating in any language of their choice. Even if not perfect, Google helps in translating content from one language to another. 
As a long term objective, guiding some of the Indian languages other than Hindi also to accept Devanagari as a second (optional) script may help people to communicate with more ease. To start with, languages like Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarathi, Malayalam  and Telugu may try this on an experimental basis. This is not anything new, as English alphabet is being used by other languages world over.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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