Soul's journey: Here and hereafter

The soul’s journey - Enjoy the present, tour conductor will take care of the journey

The soul’s journey

Recently there was some discussion about "Atma", ancestors and soul's journey in the context of "Pitru-Paksha" and some faith column articles. The subject is interesting. I didn't get much time or opportunity to research about journey of Atma through several births. Of course, Acharya spoke about "Punarapi Jananam..."
Some are not very comfortable when I talk about myself too much. I'm just trying to talk about something which is more familiar to me. I was born in the pre-industrial society. No electricity, no water supply, no roads and vehicles...I had neighbors who didn't buy even match boxes and borrowed fire from our house, when they occasionally got something to cook. Then came the industrial society...Roads and vehicles, schools and colleges, huge computers to smartphone. We are crossing over to post-industrial society. If in doubt, have a glimpse of my daughter's office by opening the link below:
No, I'm still on the subject of different janmas and the journey of the soul. 
Last 75 years, having survived from "Pataala", I have experienced "Naraka" and "Swarga" here. Viewed differently, I had several janmas, while in service. Every time I got a rebirth, I carried the accumulated networh of my punyas and papas till then (experience) which was always useful in the new incarnation. 
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