Dreaming about the impossible!

Disappearing livelihoods of Tamil Nadu - "₹9 an hower" may not attract you...

"Uzhuthavan kanakku paathanna uzhakku kooda minjaadhu" (If a farmer counts all his costs, he will not be left with even his measuring cup)
"Who defines what is skilled or unskilled work, whether something is a craft or an art, or its monetary worth?"
Easy to lament and easier to ask questions. But, like water finding its level, is there a possibility of world's resources finding their way to different levels and at least making a nutritionally balanced under-eighteen population of humans on this planet a reality? Not in my lifetime. Why dream about the impossible?
12$ job continues to be twelve-dollar job in the US. Now, Sainath, Aparna & Co are talking about "Nine rupee an hour". Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

M G Warrier


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