Fear of the unknown: Change is possible!

7 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown And Get More Out of Life: "Change is possible"


I escavated this link for you. I know those who open my mails are always prepared to face the unknown. But, my experience has been, most of us, including those who contribute their signatures to Change.org petitions, refuse to believe that "change is possible", if only one is willing to talk about it.
Yesterday I test-checked this by making a suggestion: "All court cases should be finally decided within 90 days"
Responses included "Impossible" to detailed narratives on the pathetic workload in courts. 
On an earlier occasion, long back, I made a suggestion to a friend who was idling and had the needed skills and resources to open a shop in the neighborhood. The quick response was, there was no "scope" for another shop. My recalling the practice of Carona opening outlet next-door to Bata showroom (both leading brands in footwear industry then) didn't impress my friend.

M G Warrier


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