Power of Resilience

Power of Resilience https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/personal-enrichment/the-power-of-resilience-29734/ Excerpts: "Writing helps us to gain new insights during difficult times. Try to pen down 20 minutes about the issue and the deepest thoughts and feelings around it. Also, try to confront ideas one by one which may open up to a new perspective to deal with the issue. Self-care helps us to strengthen both mental and physical health. Caring for self includes healthy eating, getting enough sleep, getting adequate physical activity, practising mindfulness technique. This acts as a toolbox to build resilience, you may feel difficult to practice self-care when something has pulled you down but this is the one which elevates you when experiencing a downturn." Posted online comments: all are not gifted with the power to express thoughts in a way the second person will be inspired to listen. you are. use it for the benefit of fellow human beings. for the benefit of those who have skipped the article and come directly to comments, let me repeat the concluding paragraph: \"tough times and challenging situation make you feel like it is the end of the world by bringing sorrow, unhappiness and pains in your life. each time when you experience these kinds of pains it makes you either cry and complain about life or to become resilient and fight back like a warrior. this choice makes or breaks your personality. so, letâ s build up the power of resilience to spring back into the shape.\" keep writing to spread the relevance of positive thinking.'


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