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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Monday February 15, 2021 Music https://youtu.be/REfscMMGxNc (Mere Haath Mein...) (Link Courtesy: Ramesh Warrier Thiruvananthapuram) M G Warrier Predictions for the Week (Optional) https://m.timesofindia.com/astrology/horoscope/weekly-horoscope-14-to-20-february-2021-check-predictions-for-all-zodiac-signs/amp_articleshow/80904099.cms A Interaction 1) V T Panchapagesan Chennai What is GnAna Yoga? The path of Knowledge... Ignorance begets Fear. Knowledge begets Confidence. We need this in today’s Scenario of our living. Knowledge lies in recognizing, in remembering and in being aware Of the one Reality in the kaleidoscopic patterns of life.. Seeing unity in diversity. Observing the play of the one un manifest Divinity in the manifest phenomena of this world.. The Scriptures declare that Divinity lies within us. Let us keep our thoughts in our divine centre while we function with our body, mind and intellect.. Ignorance clouds the divinity within us. It obscures the consciousness of our Supreme Self. It distorts our vision of Reality... Ignorance manifests in us as doubts and indecisions, misconceptions, And misgivings, thoughts and ideas of this world.. It keeps our mind wavering and wandering at all times. To stabilize the mind and apply it to a higher level of thought, we must feed the intellect with knowledge. We have to study Vedanta , reflect upon its ideas , investigate the mystery of the Supreme Self..... V. T. Panchapagesan. C V Subbaraman says: There has never been one exclusive "maargam" - Gnaana, Bhakti, Karma and the like. All great men and women have been following a mixed maargam: Be it Dhruva, Prahlaada, Shabari, Akrura, Arjuna, Sudaama (Kuchela) Hanuman or Vibhishana. One of the maarga is however predominant in each of these individual Greats. But we, ordinary men and women, are a bundle of confusion, trying to pretend that we are following /jumping from one marga to another, in the result we are unable to concentrate on one maarga and therefore get drifting in the current of Time. Subbaraman 2) K Ramasubramanian Mumbai Continuing Staff College story... Dear Shri Babusenan Thank you so much for your complements to the talks in STC by faculties . The service of Late Mr Thomas and followed by his educated Son later are the hallmarks of catering Perhaps in the history of institutional catering Ashok catering service owned by Mr Thomas in his son’s name is the longest good catering service meeting the requirements of the tastes of pan India. In fact I was met in the college by my then prospective father in law over a breakfast in STC which also contributed to his decision to give his daughter in marriage to me. Had he met me in central DBOD among a big hall where I was in one corner waiting for the coffee to be served only at the whims of those boys perhaps I might have been constrained to choose another girl . Thanks to Late Shri Thomas. I am quite sure and wait for confirmation that while describing the lectures you had specific faculty in mind and did not name them . I also believe your brush was not wide enough to cover the faculty as a whole. One interesting aspect is that after a heavy lunch when participants could not control their biological compulsion of sleeping 😴 and a faculty is required to address the class one can imagine the impact the teachings will have on the participants. Still my tenure in STC is the longest so far from May 1982 to May 91. Perhaps Mr Thomas service to participants helped me to continue long. In retrospect I wonder what should be the classroom for adult learning A chalk and talk or ......:: Regards Babusenan adds: See, how true our (Collage) Editor is! I left an interesting aspect of STC Thomas unsaid which he promptly added. This is ample proof of what he claims. In fact, I was witness to such a slapping. At a convenient moment, I expressed my sympathy to the victim. He smiled and said that he was only happy. "Saar sinimakaanaan Paisa tharum."(Sir will give money to see a film) (Without commenting on this, let me share another WarriersViews link: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/when-past-experiences-come-to-help-11267/) Babusenan Responding to Ramasubramanian: Quite interesting indeed! Who is more indebted to the ACS is a difficult proposition. I was referring to a period when the British bureaucratic mindset lingered strongly in administration as well as in training programmes. Much water had flowed under the bridge since then and, duuring your period, the scenario must have changed. You mentioned about post-lunch instruction. In the days I spoke about, there were pre-dinner talks too. No doubt, the trainees would be alert and not sleepy but the thoughts of most of them would be hovering round the delicacies getting ready in Thomas's canteen. Wisdom would have dawned not very late. 3) V N Kelkar Thanks to Shri Babusenan for rekindling our memories of training spells at STC, Madras and enthusiastic caterer Shri Thomas. I agree with him that such spells were a welcome change and that the trainees enjoyed more the food especially the delicious breakfast served with smile. The catering contractor's presence in the dining hall was enough to make the atmosphere cheerful where mini India was present with the grace of RBI. The weekend visits to Tirupati, Mahabalipuram and frequent visits to Nallis and Kumarans and to Kasi Chetty street are unforgettable. Who can forget early morning 'chaya' 'chaya' wake up calls ? I was deputed (courtesy Training Division) to STC for the first time in 1978 to attend the SODP (Staff Officers' Development Programme) of six weeks long duration. On the opening day in the first period we were extended a warm welcome and provided with all the information every trainee desired to know. Those days we mainly depended on Post Office for communication with family back home. The STD/ISD/PCO booths came up only 1990s. VNKelkar 4) S Nallasivan Hyderabad In my mail on the Faculty of the RBSC, Shri Ramasubramanian, I had discussed about the trainees' interest in the food served by Ashok Catering Service, than the course intent. From the period 1985 to early 2000 When I had attended various programmes, I had not met Thomas. It was his son, Ashok, in whose name the Catering Service was named, was running the show. As the Catering Service had spread wings and had Canteens in bigger establishments, Ashok visited the Mess only rarely and the running of the affairs were entrusted to one Baby. The clout Thomas had seen the Ashok Catering enjoying an unbroken record of more than a decade. In the later days the College Management at last came out of the tight hold Thomas had. S.Nallasivan 4) C V Subbaraman Mysuru Predictions! Man is always curious to know what is in store. This curiosity has created a lot of brokers around who try to satisfy that curiosity - the astrologers. Such weekly or monthly writings of columns are run through by a large number of readers, but soon forget. A reading of some of the predictions makes amusing effect. At one point in some predictions it is said that it will be a tough time on financial matters but it is also said that one will be happy and make money doubly! This is only one example. What is another prediction? "You will have to be guarded in dealing with your enemies"! Is it a "prediction" or a caution or advice? Let me not continue this analysis. Subbaraman 5) R Jayakumar Mumbai Valentine's day.. In South, specially in the Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts, no one knows what is Valentine's Day. That is what I remember as a teen aged boy when I left for Bombay in the sixties. Even the existence of a game named cricket, or a food called pav or a drink known as sugarcane juice were unknown to me, as well as the Valentine's Day, until I came to Bombay. Even today I don't understand why there should be a Lover's Day for the teens when teen love is always a secret affair. However, after reading about the Snake and Ladder game for the elders in an old age home narrated by Vathsala Madam I felt that instead of celebrating the Lover's Day on 14th February it could be celebrated as a Couple's Day. On Couple's Day the male and female who have chosen to live together in life, young or old, can renew their bonds which they have already decided to upkeep.. The other married people but living single by fate of life can always wish the lucky ones living together and join with them in their couple's day celebration. Though I came to know about Valentine's Day very late in life, my four year old grandson today morning wished me and my wife, ' Thatha and Paati Happy Valentine's Day'. R Jayakumar B Open Forum The Hindu Open Page promotes 'purposeful thinking' on issues big and small: https://thg.page.link/CyncBMdJ94WzRRwu5 Excerpts: " Strengthening the bond The Open Page is a vital, increasingly important part of the newspaper. Making it a full page has attracted a big response. It strengthens the bond of trust between the newspaper and its readers. It helps the newspaper learn from its readers, many of whom bring to the table fresh insights and ideas. The Hindu's Chief News Editor, P.K. Subramanian, who selects the articles from a large inflow and edits them on his own time, mostly at home, and a small team that helps him put together the Open Page, as well as thousands of the newspaper's readers deserve the credit for this enthusing work in progress." (This is a 10 years old article. This is included in Collage today to take forward the discussion on the relevance and context of Warrier's Collage, which is also a work in progress-Warrier)


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