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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Wednesday February 10, 2021 Prayer Dhanvantari Stotram https://youtu.be/Y-x2QS66afk (Link Selection: M G Warrier Mumbai) Deepak Chopra, an Indian born American doctor with spiritual outlook... 1 Don’t be too greedy and materialistic.. Greed will lead to suffering and economic disaster. The worldwide recession came from the unethical and ruthless practices of Wall Street and Banking Institutions that followed their principles...In your own life, De-clutter and be generous of spirit. Be giving in every sphere of your life ——- Be it in relationships, work or Social activities.. 2 Be emotionally intelligent.. Militarism failed globally. Counties like USA failed miserably in tackling the problems of conflict and terrorism.. In your own life, practice skills of emotional and spiritual intelligence... And learn to resolve conflicts with love, compassion and understanding. Act out of love and not anger or hatred.. 3 Plan your emotional, physical and spiritual health... The most technologically advanced nations like the USA, have been unable to curb the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Illness and Cancer. India is now facing a similar epidemic. In your own life , take charge of your health through exercise, meditation, proper diet and healthy relationships.. V T Panchapagesan Posted by M G Warrier Thought for the Day "My philosophy comes from a worldview that looks at the world as one. It's a holistic view that sees the world as interconnected and interdependentand integrated in so many different ways, which informs my politics." -Dennis Kucinich (Dennis Kucinich, in full Dennis John Kucinich, (born October 8, 1946, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.), American politician who served as mayor of Cleveland (1977–79) and as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1997–2013) and who sought the Democratic nomination for president in 2004 and 2008.) A Interaction 1) V N Kelkar Current Affairs - Budget 2021-22 Thanks for sharing your views on the budget. You have said 'The budget did not have glaring negatives'. Yes. The experts were expecting additional taxation in some form like Covid cess., tax on super rich or wealth tax to augment revenue to spend more mainly on infra and health. But the FM chose not to send any negative signals by resorting to these means for augmenting revenue. Higher growth and sale of loss making PSUs will do the job. The market gave a big thumbs up for this approach. 'The facts and figures were directly related to sources and uses of funds'. Yes. The transparency on full extent of fiscal deficit is good and has been well appreciated in different quarters. VNKelkar (Thanks KelkarJi I really needed this confirmation. Attached is the published version of my article. Also see my brief response to SendilJi at 4. The purpose is not to claim that I'm able to influence Policy Formulation, but to assert that if we keep repeating what we believe, some day, someone will listen-Warrier ๐Ÿ™) 2) R Jayakumar Mumbai Response to publications.. It is true that all who take part in a marathon race do not win. There is ranking. Those who run in the front, those who run in the middle and those who lag behind. Whatever special field we choose to pursue is like a race. Our success in it is to continue to participate and keep running. I tried to write poems, I tried to paint pictures, acted in school dramas but gave up because no one seemed to like or appreciate. But I specialised in sports and physical activities and always took part in competitions and got reasonable good success, occassionally winning prizes. Even now I join in such competitions meant for senior citizens. Winning prizes is never my motive. Participation gives joy and satisfaction. When I took part in races during school days completing the lap without giving up midway was satisfying because many dropped out of exhaustion and defeat leaving the race midway. I never considered myself as also-ran because I didn't win a prize. Completing the entire distance, whether coming first or the last, was a personal victory. The aim is to complete the race and not always to win. Winning is a greater glory. So what if a writer's books sell like hot cakes or occupy the space in a godown. When you are recognised as a writer, by all or by some, successful or moderate, you have won the race... R Jayakumar (See C2. With little extra effort you can start reading the book free. There's no competition in that category of books from Exrbites-Warrier) 3) S Nallasivan Hyderabad Is it not an irony, the act of quirk fate that three friends, students of Third Form, ( Was not Third Form equivalent to 8th Standard?) Kazhakootam School traveled in different direction, Senan turning into Custodian of Currency, S*** a criminal and Madhavan the Guardian of Currency. Had the Head Master Nanu Pillai been a bit more considerate, with understanding, counseled S*** in camera possibly he could have turned out to be a genus with numbers. But the course of life is decided and determined by what has been ordained. I am curious to know how S*** had become a criminal? There must be a reason, an interesting story behind the strange conversion. There was a film in Tamil, GNANA OLI, with Sivaji Ganesan in the lead, where two orphans under the care of a Christian Priest, one turned out to be thief/murderer where as the other a Police Officer imposed with the Duty of arresting his childhood friend. S Nallasivan (Collage would like to protect the privacy of individuals who are not able to respond/clarify) 4) V Rangarajan "Expect more from yourself than from others. Because expectations from others may hurt a lot while expectations from yourself may inspire a lot. That's life." 5) S M Sendil Cheรฑnai The comments on the Budget are full of praises and nothing but praises. Even the Economic Survey is showered with adulations. FM's posture too is reckoned to a teacher looking at a crying little child*. Babusenan's life history of his schoolmate S***, excellent at mathematics, who later became a dreaded Dada of Mumbai, is absorbing, and tells the truth, extraordinary intelligent persons reach superior positions either as a law breaker or as a law protector. Even without the public admonishing received by the student from his teacher, for a small theft, his potentials to become number one in any field would not have kept him to lead an ordinary life. (Happy to see, SendilJi, you have understood my observations on ES and Budget in the same sense I tried to pen them in the short time given to me by The Global ANALYST. I submitted my article on February 2. It's easy to praise. To criticize effectively, one has to do a lot of homework. This budget read with ES reflects many of the positions taken by me in my 3 books: 1) Chasing Inclusive Growth (eBook) 2) India's Decade of Reforms and 3) Restoring TRUST in Governance All these books were published by Notion Press Chennai and are available at major online sales outlets like Amazon and Flipkart. I have gifted copies to those responsible for policy formulation at national level (PM included ๐Ÿ™)-Warrier) *Yes. I also recalled what Krishna's mother told Krishna and his friends about resources management, while referring to Modi's priority to protect life: "You have only one life. Jewelry is replaceable!" When I was unhappy with ES, I wasn't considerate: "When Rajan trashed the Economic Survey" https://www.moneylife.in/article/when-rajan-trashed-the-economic-survey/46384.html Excerpts: " In his customary post-monetary policy press meet on 5 April 2016, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Dr Raghuram Rajan made the following observation on the content of Box 1.6 of Economic Survey 2016: “Whoever wrote that piece does not understand monetary policy and monetary balance sheets as well as they should. There is an equity position that the RBI has. Think of this as government assets in RBI. The government's liabilities are its debt. What is being suggested is that we actually monetise this amount. If we have X number of crores by which we can monetise our assets, if we give half of that to the government, the residual value of it is always spent on buying government bonds. What we are saying is, given those constraints, any money given extra to the government will reduce our ability to buying government bonds directly and will have absolutely no effect on the public sector borrowing requirements. The government will have to find some other place to sell its assets. It is not a free asset to be given. We are saying 'treat it as a government asset'. It's not going to impact your borrowing requirement.” (For my views please read the Moneylife article-Warrier ๐Ÿ™) B Holistic Healthcare Holistic Medicine: What It Is, Treatments, Philosophy, and More" https://www.webmd.com/balance/guide/what-is-holistic-medicine


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