Universal Healthcare

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Sunday February 14, 2021 A talk on Healthcare https://youtu.be/61hDDYD9eWA (Ashtanga Hridaya Chapter 1 Part I) https://youtu.be/Qnw9nLv9Sng (Online classes on Ayurveda from California) (Links Selection: M G Warrier Mumbai) M G Warrier M Predictions for February 2021: https://www.india.com/astrology/horoscope-for-february-2021-read-this-months-astrological-predictions-for-all-zodiac-signs-here-4403020/ A Interaction 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram The opening remarks of Shri Warrier about the problem in managing the Collage carried me back to the 1960s. For most of us in the RBI, the training spells in the Bank's Staff Training College in Chennai were a welcome change from the humdrum daily routine to the culinary heaven-I mean the canteen attached to the STC- managed by Thomas, the catering contractor. One cannot blame the trainees for their preference for the canteen to the training imparted, as the latter consisted mostly of staid lectures tailored with humour of a worn-out kind (The instructors were mostly our own people of a much senior variety). At the lunch and dinner time, one could see a heterogeneous assemblage of persons from all over India with myriad tastes, and, even to moderately satisfy all would be a Herculean task. The tall, stout, dark, and barely educated Malayalee, in his broken English and stentorian voice, did the job in a masterly manner, in his own idiom. Thomas was synonymous with STC for quite a long time. It is unlikely that he is alive now. If that is the case, may his soul rest in peace! (Even if he is around also, 🙏 let him remain in peace. He used to individually scold and slap his boys in the canteen to please guests who made complaints about service. The talk was the selected boys were paid at a fixed rate per slap. One RBI Diary was used for keeping accounts of the slaps and payments were made only at the end of the month-Warrier) 2) S R Badrinarayanan Chennai No need to feel sorry for repeat-mailing. It would arrest the attention of the person who, like the writer, could have missed to read. And, your Collage, an assorted presentation deserves a relook. (Thanks. As I want Collage to remain a "Readers' Property", and when I find it sometimes becoming "Warrier's Sales Counter", I say something to make my friends come out with new thoughts and ideas. The show has to go on. But for my observations, Babusenan Sir would not have remembered Thomas yesterday 🙏-Warrier) B Healthcare Article on Universal Healthcare, 2013 (An edited version appears in M G Warrier's 2014 book now available in eBook format: "Chasing Inclusive Growth") https://www.moneylife.in/article/universal-healthcare-when-will-the-government-act/30971.html Excerpts: " It’s high time India chalks out a plan to provide healthcare to all its citizens, irrespective of their economic status. Other countries are working toward it and have already moved passed us. If the scenario has to improve, we must start acting now. Sadly, the government is neglecting its responsibility. This needs to change. Here’s where to start." (Since 2014, the position has improved-Collage)


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