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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE ON Friday July 2, 2021 1) Sandhya Raga : Tribute to Pandit Revi Shankar https://youtu.be/TivbDEVBHWU (Link Courtesy : A P Ramadurai Cheñnai) Advice and Dissent : Dr Y V Reddy https://youtu.be/rIrXX4IBqpc (Uploaded 3 years ago) Good Morning Next regular issue of Collage will be on July 6, 2021. Nice Day M G Warrier M Collage Profile : H C Verma IIT Kanpur https://iitk.ac.in/dora/profile/prof-h-c-verma (Yesterday V S Rangasayee shared a video featuring H C Verma. Inspired, Collage tried to know more about Dr Verma -Warrier) A Responses 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai The reference to a sentence containing 8 buffaloes, a meaningful meaningless sentence draws our interest. Why is This Sentence so Confusing? There is no punctuation. Other than the use of capital letters, every word in the sentence is exactly the same. Words like “that” and “which” usually bring clarity to a sentence. Here they have been omitted. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo– (Proper noun) The name of a city in New York state Green buffalo has two jobs. It is a proper noun indicating the name of a city and it is a modifier telling us where the simple subject buffalo comes from. Think about it like Chicago bear. buffalo– (Noun) The animal also known as bison. In this case, buffalo is a plural noun. Sure it would have been easier if the other acceptable plural buffaloes was used, but where’s the fun in that? buffalo– (verb) meaning to confuse or intimidate Just in Case Colors Alone Aren’t Enough Buffalo buffalo (bison from New York) Buffalo buffalo buffalo (that confuse bison from New York) buffalo Buffalo buffalo (confuse Bison from New York) Is confusion confounded? Vathsala Jayaraman 2) R Jayakumar Mumbai The Collage Classroom will make the oldies more busy than the students, I feel. It took more than a minute for me to understand why Ghoti can be fish. But the next part of the article sent by Madam, to prove how the letters A to Z can appear in a word without any purpose for the pronounciation of the word was very taxing to read. Slow to understand, sometimes confusing, even irritating......but could not stop without reading it in full. The section for the letter V has eighty words but the the letter V appears only in two words, ' developments ' and 'several' yet I don't know if the point was proved. Madam is the proud daughter of a Master and teacher of English language and we are proud of her proficiency in all subjects and her valuable contributions to the daily Collage. R Jayakumar 3) Muthulakshmi Srinivasan The English language alphabetical information is very interesting 4) See F Leisure for response from Ramadurai. 5) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Those were days when good performers had kings and chieftains as generous patrons. A renowned Bhagavathar approached a powerful king with the following request : "Sire, I am a very well-known Bhaga- vathar. I can recite Bhagavatham from beginning to end without even once referring to the text. Not only that. I know the meaning of every word of it with its nuances. Kindly permit me to perform in your august presence." After reading the appeal the king said: "Tell him to read the Bhagavatham once again." The bhagavathar was surprised at this strange order, but he obeyed. After a few days, he approached the king again. Again the king said the same. This time, the request was different : "Sire, pardon me for my arrogance. Now l feel diffident to interpret the great Bha- gavatham in front of anyone. Kindly permit me to withdraw my request and leave the State." The king read the note and smiled. "Now ask him to perform", said he. (Human mind picks up and interprets signals in different ways. I included this under responses for a reason. My perception is that the thought about this episode resurfaced in Babusenan Sir's mind, after reading K N Ganapathy Sir's observations about the content and interpretation of Bhagavad-Gita-Warrier) 6) R Jayakumar Mumbai Resources Management Investing in Gold.. Government's Gold Bond scheme is a good option to invest a part of our savings from pension. The return from bank deposits is shrinking year after year whereas the value of gold kept on appreciating during the pandemic period. Investing in gold bonds for value of 50 grams or more every year is a good option. The bonds have a maturity period of eight years with an option to redeem early after completion of five years. On maturity the holder of the bonds can claim the repayment either in gold or in cash equivalent to prevailing cost of gold. The investment also earns interest at 2.5% p.a. which is credited to the bank account periodically. Forms are accepted in commercial banks and the investment can be held in demat form or as a government certificate. Also eligible for trading in the stock market. I have started investing in the same. Earlier on the occasions of celebrating birthdays for granddaughters I used to give them cash gifts. This month two of my granddaughters are turning sixteen and eighteen years of age. I decided to give them gold ornaments instead of cash and took them to Tanishk in Pune. Each of them liked to buy a golden bracelet and a ring with stones. When the final bill was made the details showed that the bracelets were of 22 carat and the rings were of 14 carat. When I told the sales girl that I didn't want 14 carat gold as my experience is that buying 14 carat gold is mostly waste of money for its negative resale value she did not agree. She said that all rings with stones are made by companies only in 14 carat gold. She also pointed out that all sales girls in the shop were wearing 14 carat gold rings in as many fingers as possible. I paid the bill and came out. R Jayakumar B Collage in Classroom Naturopathy & Holistic Health 1) Books a) Naturopathy https://bookauthority.org/books/new-naturopathy-books Naturopathy By Ramona Bufachi I present to you my book entitled "Naturopathy, wellness, beauty, and longevity".The title and the first lines of this book show the importance that a healthy diet has on the well-being of the whole organism.To give you an example, I went as far as my private life, where an important episode such as an autoimmune disease led me to investigate the link that exists between disease and nutrition (as many scientific studies confirm, among other things) until to become vegan and heal.If you see yourself again in my story, the time has come to act because you can heal and live a happy and peaceful life. With a clear and simple language that distinguishes me, I will tell you how easy it is to embrace a plant-based diet and how you too can do it best to get all possible benefits, which are many, both internally so you will be fine and solve all digestive problems and both your skin and your hair will find new light and body on the outside!I am not only talking about nutrition but also about medicinal herbs and how to use them to heal typical ailments, for example, do you suffer from pains during the menstrual cycle or typical discomfort that can result in abdominal swelling?In the book, you will find truly 100% effective natural remedies! Of course, I'll also explain how to prepare excellent and simple natural remedies at homes such as infusions or mother tinctures, indispensable in these and many other cases!There is also a chapter dedicated to body care with many natural recipes, find the one that best suits you between herbal packs to grow hair, the mask to restructure them in-depth or the secrets for a perfect face, etc. you are spoiled for choice.In the final part a surprise from the great vegan chef Boris Scafati and many of my recipes for healthy desserts without refined sugars, so the perfect snack for everyone, especially for your children! b) Holistic Health https://tmhome.com/books-videos/boo-review-ancient-wisom-for-modern-health-bunn/ Listen to your inner wisdom Bunn recommends staying in tune with your body-mind system in order to hear what it really needs in each changing moment. Bunn dedicates a chapter to each of these seven points of wisdom, explaining them in more detail, providing ideas about how to put them into practice, and sharing captivating, inspirational stories spun around these crucial principles. He admits that making the lifestyle changes required to be at our best physically and mentally is not as easy as popping pills. Yet he kindly challenges the reader to question the premises of our beliefs about what matters in life. Why is it not considered practical to meditate, spend more time in fresh air and sunshine, or even change the job that might literally be a killer, while it is seen as acceptable to lead busy lives and suffer from chronic illness, stress and fatigue? The advice in this book is a call to reconsider these values and decisions and to review our everyday routine in the light of love and kindness – towards ourselves and towards others." C Readers' Contribution Expiry Dates for Medicines (Write-up received from Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai) Does the expiration date on a bottle of a medication mean anything? If a bottle of Tylenol, for example, says something like "Do not use after June 2021," and it is August 2022, should you take the Tylenol? Should you discard it? Can you get hurt if you take it? Will it simply have lost its potency and do you no good? In other words, are drug manufacturers being honest with us when they put an expiration date on their medications, or is the practice of dating just another drug industry scam, to get us to buy new medications when the old ones that purportedly have "expired" are still perfectly good? These are the pressing questions I investigated after my mother recently said to me, "It doesn't mean anything," when I pointed out that the Tylenol she was about to take had "expired" 4 years and a few months ago. I was a bit mocking in my pronouncement - feeling superior that I had noticed the chemical corpse in her cabinet -- but she was equally adamant in her reply, and is generally very sage about medical issues. So I gave her a glass of water with the purportedly "dead" drug, of which she took 2 capsules for a pain in the upper back. About an hour later she reported the pain seemed to have eased up a bit. I said, "You could be having a placebo effect," not wanting to simply concede she was right about the drug, and also not actually knowing what I was talking about. I was just happy to hear that her pain had eased, even before we had our evening cocktails and hot tub dip (we were in "Leisure World," near Laguna Beach, California, where the hot tub is bigger than most Manhattan apartments, and "Heaven," as generally portrayed, would be raucous by comparison). Upon my return to NYC and high-speed connection, I immediately scoured the medical databases and general literature for the answer to my question about drug expiration labelling. And voila, no sooner than I could say "Screwed again by the pharmaceutical industry," I had my answer. Here are the simple facts: First, the expiration date, required by law in the United States, beginning in 1979, specifies only the date the manufacturer guarantees the full potency and safety of the drug -- it does not mean how long the drug is actually "good" or safe to use. Second, medical authorities uniformly say it is safe to take drugs past their expiration date -- no matter how "expired" the drugs purportedly are. Except for possibly the rarest of exceptions, you won't get hurt and you certainly won't get killed. Studies show that expired drugs may lose some of their potency over time, from as little as 5% or less to 50% or more (though usually much less than the latter). Even 10 years after the "expiration date," most drugs have a good deal of their original potency. One of the largest studies ever conducted that supports the above points about "expired drug" labelling was done by the US military 20 years ago, according to a feature story in the Wall Street Journal (March 29, 2000), reported by Laurie P. Cohen. The military was sitting on a $1 billion stockpile of drugs and facing the daunting process of destroying and replacing its supply every 2 to 3 years, so it began a testing program to see if it could extend the life of its inventory. The testing, conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ultimately covered more than 100 drugs, prescription and over-the-counter. The results showed, about 90% of them were safe and effective as far as 15 years past their expiration date. In light of these results, a former director of the testing program, Francis Flaherty, said he concluded that expiration dates put on by manufacturers typically have no bearing on whether a drug is usable for longer. Mr. Flaherty noted that a drug maker is required to prove only that a drug is still good on whatever expiration date the company chooses to set. The expiration date doesn't mean, or even suggest, that the drug will stop being effective after that, nor that it will become harmful. "Manufacturers put expiration dates on for marketing, rather than scientific, reasons," said Mr. Flaherty, a pharmacist at the FDA until his retirement in 1999. " It's not profitable for them to have products on a shelf for 10 years. They want turnover." The FDA cautioned there isn't enough evidence from the program, which is weighted toward drugs used during combat, to conclude most drugs in consumers' medicine cabinets are potent beyond the expiration date. "Most drugs degrade very slowly," it is said. "In all likelihood, you can take a product you have at home and keep it for many years." Consider aspirin. Bayer AG puts 2-year or 3-year dates on aspirin and says that it should be discarded after that. However, Chris Allen, a vice president at the Bayer unit that makes aspirin, said the dating is "pretty conservative"; when Bayer has tested 4-year-old aspirin, it remained 100% effective, he said. So why doesn't Bayer set a 4-year expiration date? Because the company often changes packaging, and it undertakes "continuous improvement programs" Mr. Allen said. Each change triggers a need for more expiration-date testing, and testing each time for a 4-year life would be impractical. Bayer has never tested aspirin beyond 4 years, Mr. Allen said. But Jens Carstensen has. Though the article has appeared in US journals, it applies equally to drugs manufactured in other countries as well. Many people are very much obsessive about expiry dates of medicines, since they want to be doubly sure that they don't have ill effects, whether they have favourable results or not. Normal tablets with past expiry dates may not be harmful. But this should not send a wrong signal to patients ,especially with eye problem. Eye drops have normally an expiry date upto 18 months or two years as long as the bottle remains sealed. But once you start using, it can be used only for a month. Though you have used only two or three times , and lot of medicine still remains in the bottle, you are desisted from using it after one month after opening the seal, though the real expiry date is still far away. Certain patients have lost their vision or had some serious complications on using such' unexpired' drops. Doctors strictly advise to throw away the eye drops one month after opening the bottle. Vathsala Jayaraman D Readers' Contribution Collage in Classroom : Follow up Vathsala Jayaraman : ADHD ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPER ACTIVITY DISORDER Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADHD or ADD) is a developmental disorder. It is primarily characterized by the co-existence of attention problems and hyperactivity, and the symptoms start before the age of seven. ADHD is the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children, affecting about 3 to 5 percent of children globally and diagnosed in about 2 to 16 percent of school aged children. It is a chronic disorder with 30 to 50 percent of those individuals diagnosed in childhood which continues to have symptoms in the adulthood also. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a mental disorder (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders that starts in childhood. It can change the way children act, think, and feel. ADHD may continue into adulthood and is found in different levels from person to person, thereby showing varying symptoms of mental condition. Adolescents and adults with ADHD tend to develop coping mechanisms to compensate for some or all of their impairments. ADHD is diagnosed two to four times more frequently in boys than in girls, though studies suggest this discrepancy may be partially due to subjective bias of referring teachers. ADHD management usually involves some combination of medications, behavior modifications, lifestyle changes, and counselling. Its symptoms can be difficult to differentiate from other disorders. It is necessary to receive formal training in the assessment and treatment of ADHD, particularly in adult patients.. (In lighter vein : A D H D : Aptitude, Decides, Holistic, Dogma Be Well, Panchapagesan Chennai) E Blogs & Links Fitness Tips https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/build-body-and-mind-resistance-to-remain-healthy-11613/ I read a brief write-up by Dr P K Warrier (Turned 100 years last month), Chief Physician, Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala (Kottakkal, Kerala). Sharing here some thoughts based on the advice from one of the most knowledgeable living Ayurvedic physicians, for the benefit of all of us. Hygiene a) Mouth hygiene is as important as washing hands and body. b) Have body-wash twice a day. c) Do not apply oil when body is sweating. d) Avoid tight dress. e) Maintain regular timings for food, sleep and other routines, irrespective of compulsions of work/profession. Exercise Continue in-house, the exercises you have been doing. Ideal being Yoga and Meditation. Do not start new exercises, if proper guidance is not available. Food and/as medicine a) Try to include more of easily digestible, nutritious vegetarian dishes. Increase intake of liquids: Tender coconut, rice porridges, milk, buttermilk, fruit juices etc. b) Mix some jaggery (gud) with ginger paste and make small cubes of 5 grams (one teaspoon) and keep ina bottle, handy. Occasionally chew one. This will ease throat and help digestion. c) Increase use of Ginger, Turmeric and black pepper all of which have medicinal properties helpful in easing throat congestion etc General Try to free your mind and thoughts from fear, anxiety, worries and sorrow. Believe in mutual support and muster courage. The humanity is correcting its follies and will come out of the present chaos sooner than all of us think. Post-cleansing, the world is going to be a better place to live in. F Leisure : A P Ramadurai Cheñnai Today I saw many interesting items. “I wonder how you manage to get all the time* for your contributions to groupmails collage. Rest in next K.N Ganapathy” My first message to the Collage was “OMG-A one man army! This opinion holds good, even now" Reg recognition of faces, I am irreverently reminded of 2 pieces : 1) Wife is away for a few days. Husband is bored and finds it very difficult to pass time. He is writing her a letter. At that time many monkeys were in that room merrily chirping along. Hubby writes- Dear, time is very dragging. I simply can't do anything. Everywhere I look, I see only your face. 2) An animal specialist writes a scholarly essay on donkeys. He gifts a copy of the essay to his friend, who writes back- Thanks for the nice gift. Now on, whenever I see a donkey, I’d be reminded of you“Due to varying meanings of the word buffalo and the fact that Buffalo is the name of a city in the U.S. state of New York, the sentence "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is grammatically correct” I tried my best but couldn’t find out how this is grammatically correct. Please elucidate. I do however recall having convinced a very erudite colleague that “and, and, and, and, and “in a sentence is grammatically correct and would pass muster It is this way. A person sees a sign board in a shop –Gupta and Patel. (For convenience, let’s denote the ‘and’ between the 2 names as AND) This person says –The spaces between Gupta and AND and AND and Patel are unequal. A P Ramadurai Cheñnai G Quotes about Buffalo https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/buffalo-quotes Like : "My father earned his citizenship by serving in the Army during World War II. He devoted his life to caring for our nations veterans at a VA hospital in Buffalo, New York. That desire to serve fellow Americans propelled my four siblings into medical careers, too." Tom Perez (Thomas Edward Perez is an American politician and attorney who has been the Chair of the Democratic National Committee since February 2017. Perez was previously Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and United States Secretary of Labor)


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