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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday July 25, 2021 1) Pearls from Rishis https://youtu.be/S3CrP3WwzxI (Link Courtesy : V T Panchapagesan Chennai) 2) For those interested in Astrology : https://youtu.be/bmKRtw7i3XQ (Sanyasa Yoga in Horoscope) Good Morning Today Collage is into an unchartered territory. The other day we talked about procrastination. Today's subject is one which affects all of us, in some way. Still we avoid discussion, for obvious reasons. Thought of covering some aspects, after reading the musings on "Relocating to the Care Home" at B. If uncomfortable, skip the subject. Tomorrow we'll open some other topics. Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending July 31, 2021. Nice Day M G Warrier Satsangam with V T Panchapagesan Chennai SUNDAY COLLAGE : Five Sheaths* There are five layers to our personality, namely : 1 Food Sheath This is formed of the food that we consume. The physical body, the grossest aspect of our Personality, is termed the food sheath. It consists of the five sense organs (GnAna Indriyas) and the five organs of action (Karma Indriyas) 2 Vital Air Sheath This corresponds to the five physiological systems. Prana (Perception), Apana (Excretion), Samana (Digestion), Vyana Circulation) and Udana ( Thinking ). These activities which support the body take place as a result of the air that we breathe. 3 Mental Sheath. It is the seat of our emotions. It regulates and orders the Vital Air Sheath. 4 Intellectual Sheath. It is the decision maker and controls the Mental Sheath. 5 Bliss Sheath. This is the innermost of the five sheaths consisting of Vasanas, desires in forms. It is formed of ignorance of Reality. Knowing the nature of these five sheaths will point out to us what our True SELF is not. Once we understand them fully, we will definitely know how to go beyond them and the True Self without any obstacles. The purpose of our existence is to explore developing a good PERSONALITY. V T Panchapagesan (*For further reading : https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/panchakosha/m-lite) A Select Responses 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Procrastination When I read about 'Procrastination' in today's Collage I was reminded of a story in Mahabharatha. The scene is Shanthi parva. This is called Bheeshma Gita in which Bheeshma gives advice to Yudhishtira on various topics including procrastination.Here is a story of Ahalya as narrated by Bheeshma which totally differs from what we read in Ramayana Sage Gauthama had many sons.the youngest was Shirakaari or Sadananda. (Continued at H1) 2) S K Gupta Panchkula Leisure: 'First and Last shows' was wonderful. Wintson Churchil hit the nail on the head by paying back in the same coin. In Hindi, such a situation is termed as 'नहले पर दहला' (Ten on Nine). 3) Muthulakshmi Subramanian Loyalty, funny laws and angry rishis-all very good articles 4) M G Warrier Two readèrs observed that Collage is changing subjects more often these days. Luckily they have not said whether it's good or bad. B Sanyasa Yoga in 21st Century! Relocating to Nursing Home (in Western Countries, Old Age Homes are called Nursing Homes): This is an article* on the internet that has caused many to reflect over their own lives. The author is a retired writer, and she expressed emotion when she was about to go to a nursing home. I'm going to a nursing home. I have to. When life gets to where you are no longer able to take care of yourself completely, your children are busy at work and have to take care of their children and have no time to take care of you, this seems to be the only way out. The nursing home is in good condition, with clean single rooms equipped with simple and practical electrical appliances. All kinds of entertainment facilities are complete, the food is fairly delicious, the service is also very good. The environment is also very beautiful, but the price is not cheap. *Received from Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady Continued at H3 C Post-Retirement Life* M G Warrier “Necessity is the mother of invention” This is true not only for scientific and technological research, but for any development in the social and even spiritual area also. In India, perhaps till a couple of decades back, care homes for the aged were a government initiative targeting mainly those below poverty line (there is no hope in sight for getting rid of the need for this line!). And if someone who had enough assets to meet his daily needs thought of going and living in a care home, people would refuse to accept it as a normal behavior. Our social security network through the institution of family and neighborhood interdependence was strong enough to take care of the aged and the invalid as long as they survived. Times are changing. And fast. These days, you will find sons and daughters working abroad, during their short visits booking villas or flats in the affectionately called ‘Retirement Villas’ as an investment proposition. You will also find old people in groups discussing about someone who has recently shifted to a Retirement Villages. (Continued at H2) D Collage in Classroom Care Home for Seniors https://www.ashianahousing.com/real-estate-blog/senior-care-homes-take-care-of-your-sunset-years-in-fine-living-spaces?amp Living Life at One's Own Pace The tradition of living in a joint family and taking care of one and other does not hold true anymore. As India is becoming westernized, nuclear families are becoming the norm. Senior citizens are now understandably looking for a retirement life that is easy-going, harmonious, joyful and more importantly independent. This becomes difficult especially for elderly who are alone and need nursing care. With increasing demand for facilities where the elderly can lead a life of dignity, without compromising on the mandatory nursing attention, care homes seem to be the way forward. E Blogs & Links https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/scouting-for-a-care-home-hurry-slowly-9814/ Depending on the burden of one’s sin, the departure lounge could be a comfortable couch, ICCU of a posh hospital, inside a vehicle or one’s place of stay/work, or if one is extremely lucky, while one is on ‘duty’. Most of us, after a certain age, start worrying about where this departure lounge could be, in our case. These thoughts, and the awareness that friends have started advising about the minimum care I should be taking ‘at this age’, (they are concerned, one should be more ‘careful’ when one’s age is on the wrong side of seventy) ended up in my accepting an invitation to visit a care home for the aged, in our city. (Remembered an old Amul Milk advertisement : "Second only to mother's milk...". If you are lucky to get the "care" at own home, nothing better than that-Warrier) F Leisure 1) Pencil Philosophy* The seven qualities of a Pencil🖍️ have been explained guiding philosophy of one's life. A young boy was watching his grandmother writing in a book. He asked her what she was writing. His grandmother stopped writing and said to her grandson: I am writing a story, but more important than the words is the pencil I’m using. I hope you will be like this pencil when you grow up.’ Intrigued, the boy looked at the pencil. It didn’t seem very special. ‘But it’s just like any other pencil I’ve seen!’ That depends on how you look at things. It has seven qualities which, if you manage to adopt them, will make you a happy person who is always at peace with the world.’ First quality: You must never forget that there is a hand guiding you. We call that hand God, and He always Guides us according to His Will. Second quality: Now and then, I have to stop writing and use a sharpener. That makes the pencil suffer a little, but afterwards, it is much sharper. So you, too, must learn to bear certain pains and sorrows, because they will make you a better person. Third quality: The pencil always allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. This means that correcting something we did is not necessarily a bad thing; it helps to keep us on the right path. Fourth quality: what really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside you. Fifth quality: It always leaves a mark. In just the same way, you should know that everything you do in life will leave a mark, so try to be conscious of that in every action of yours. Sixth quality : It gets shorter and shorter with use.... so also life. Make the most while it lasts. Seventh quality: It writes till the very end. Be useful and productive till your dying day. *Received from S Venugopal Chennai via Group mail 2) Gulikan Theyyam from North Malabar https://www.keralatourism.org/ebooks/dance-of-the-divine/gulikan/4 G Quotes about Care Homes https://landmarkseniorliving.com/20-senior-care-quotes/ The truth is caring for older adults (especially those with memory impairments such as Alzheimer's disease) is tough work. There's an endless list of demands, medical issues, and financial concerns. By the time you sort them out – it's only noon! By the end of the day, you're flat-out tired. Where's the time for yourself? We're here to tell you: What you do matters! We're not alone either. Read these motivating messages and quotes from people around the world. These uplifting words will put to rest any doubt over whether or not you make a difference in the lives of the seniors you care for. H 1) Continued from A Though well learned, he used to take decisions after thinking for a long time and he was known as "manda buddhi'. Gauthama got angry with the behaviour of his wife Ahalya. He commanded his son Shirakaari to murder Ahalya and walked away. Shirakaari, as per his nature, got much confused. He didn't know whether to kill his mother or transgress his father's commands. He was thinking and thinking and was simply procrastinating. Sage Gauthama had second thoughts. He felt that he had done harm by commanding his son to kill Ahalya. The scenes ran one after another. " Indra came to our house in the guise of a brahmin. He was well treated by me with regular Arkyam, Paadyam etc like any other guest. I told him that he belonged to our family. No harm was done either by me or Ahalya. Indra also didn't commit any crime. It was an acceptable custom to entrust one's wife also to the guest along with lodging and boarding. It was not against tradition. I sincerely pray that my son Shirakari, as his normal behaviour is, should have followed procrastination and avoided murdering his mother. Gautham rushed to the cottage and was greatly relieved to see Ahalya. Shirakaari begged pardon. Gauthama heartily accepted his son's decision and advised about the importance of procrastination on certain occasions. Ahalya was saved-reason, procrastination. We find the difference here. During Ramayana period, it was a law that women who had lost their chastity had to be necessarily punished. Parasurama also was advised to kill his mother and it was accomplished. Gauthama's command suits the tradition. Actually it is felt that Ahalya was turned into stone and re transformed into woman just to enhance the divinity of Rama even at the beginning chapters of Ramayana. Or whether the changes were introduced in Ramayana after Mahabharata period, discussions are still on. Or Vyasa would have thought that it was better to make necessary changes in Mahbharatha as traditions changed. The pathetic plight of Ahalya after she was cheated by Indra in the guise of sage Gauthama has been portrayed by modern poets and authors like Bharathi, Puthumai piththa, Prapanchan. Sirpi, Gnaani, Vaali and may others. But Vyasa's picture is totally different with a varied taste. Rabindranatha Tagore also has written poem on Ahalya. But he never touches any incident in the life of Ahalya. His poem entirely reflects on Ahalya's emotions as a stone buried under the earth. Just for example. " Ahalya resembles a dilapidated cottage of tapovana. She stands alone dreaming. When a girl is driven out from her husband's place, she is fully supported by her parents. Ahalya has r eceived a warm welcome from Mother Earth and hugged by her with affection. Who will protect her from the biting snow? Tagore just covers Ahalya with the fern creepers spread everywhere in the rainy season." Touching lines! Tagore digs deep into the heart of a girl inside the lonely stone. Ahalya has become a food for thought to many poets and writers. Vathsala Jayaraman 2) Continued from C Not that the values we upheld about the ‘family' has gone down the drain, or that the present generation of youth love their parents less or vice versa. The modern lifestyle, need for everyone to go out for work and the smaller size of families have all contributed to this scenario in different measures. Presently, arrangements for living for the well-to- do aged are available in facilities provided by big builders, some Non-Governmental Organizations or by spiritual/religious institutions. Those who are not so well-to-do depend on the mercy of government. Those who are forced to make a choice to move out of their family do it without getting much opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of their decision. In many cases, they are not able to do the necessary study or scouting before deciding on the choice of the facility. Reason being the issue is not openly discussed in families or among friends for fear of being alleged that something is wrong within the family. This discussion is aimed at triggering a debate among people planning to opt for the freedom of independent living in groups in Retirement Villages without foregoing the love and affection of family members. Retirement Villages The concept of Retirement Villages is slowly picking up in India. Essentially, Retirement Villages are a specialized category of housing complexes, meant to cater to the accommodation and lifestyle needs of retiring/retired people. Homogeneity of group and a higher level of security awareness are real advantages for this option. Although the worries about failing health, the need for personal security and companionship of people with comparable interests and needs are real concerns and would be met here more satisfactorily, the dramatic changes in lifestyle that will be forced on one should be considered very dispassionately before a choice is made, especially because reversal of decisions at this stage in life would be painful in more than one way. This rider holds good while considering any other option discussed here also. Sponsored Retirement Villages The housing complexes/flats let out to senior citizens for life by various social groups and privateindividuals/organizations come under this category. Normally, the sponsors take an initial lump sum non-refundable deposit and get reimbursed for recurring expenses by regular monthly payments out of occupant's income(from pension/interest on savings etc.) or remittances from outside. In some cases, a refundable deposit also is accepted to take care of unexpected expenses in medical emergencies. The sponsor ensures arrangements for stay, food, and other support services including medical services and nursing assistance where necessary on a cost-sharing basis. Where the initial deposit is high and almost equals the capital expenditure incurred by the sponsor, a right to nomination whereby a nominee can get the possession of the house/flat, subject to completing certain formalities and payment of a pre-indicated sum, when the occupant dies is part of the deal. Ownership Residential Units The groups of flats/houses being built by groups of like-minded individuals or builders within other residential complexes or outside come under this category. Here, a sense of ownership and a feeling of flexibility in case one changes mind about stay when letting out could be a possibility are the advantages. However, the package of services offered by sponsors either as part of social service or business is absent here and the groups will have to work out arrangements for all needed services by availing facilities available in the vicinity. Hostel for Senior Citizens The concept is yet to develop in our country. The living conditions in the state-run and NGO- sponsored old age homes and charity homes where the invalid and the aged who do not have regular source of income or support from children or family are forced to stay now are far from satisfactory. The right of every citizen for food, shelter and other minimum facilities for living a reasonably comfortable life needs to be protected. Regulating the common stay arrangements for senior citizens, pensioners, invalids, orphans and others who are dependent on care homes of whatever nomenclature and providing need-based financial support to the care homes would be a move in the right direction from the government side. Some related issues As regards the resources necessary to meet this challenging effort, only the lack of political will to canalize the men, material and money now being engaged for purposes like luxurious celebrations (mentioning here the examples of the efforts to find the beginning of universe or scientific research in uninhabited parts of planet earth or in space or development of weapons for massive annihilation may divert the discussion to controversial areas, which is not my purpose!) and wars towards creative and positive purposes at least until the basic needs of every inhabitant of mother earth is met is standing in the way. Agreed, this is a great hurdle, equal in dimension to the greed which results in accumulation of wealth by individuals, families and nations through unethical means. But, if you and I start talking about it frequently and without fear change is not far away. In the interregnum, large builders, hospitals and organizations in the public and private sectors could fill the gap by supporting initiatives for setting up Care Homes/Retirement Villages with all necessary linkages as part of fulfillment of their social responsibility Argument here is not that government should be burdened with the entire cost for the purpose. Depending on the category of occupants, cost sharing has to be built into the scheme. For example, pensioners could be asked to surrender a portion of the pension towards rentals and a certain percentage for food and asked to contribute to a medical insurance scheme to take care of health care needs. Where feasible, earning children should be made liable to meet costs of maintenance of their parents. We are at crossroads where traditional values are not respected universally and self-regulation to protect human rights and social needs is yet to arrive. It is in this context governments and corporates have a crucial role in this area. *Last Chapter in my 2018 eBook "Chasing Inclusive Growth"-Warrier 3) Continued from A1 My pension is poorly able to support this. But I have my own house. If I sell it, then money is not a problem. I can spend it on retirement, and the rest will be left as an inheritance for my son. The son understands very well: "your money and your property should be enjoyed by you, don't worry about us." Now I have to consider preparing to go to a nursing home. As the saying goes: Breaking a family is worth tens of thousands, which refers to many things. Boxes, bags, cabinets, and drawers are filled with all kinds of daily necessities: clothings for all weathers and beddings for all seasons. I like to collect. I have collected a lot of stamps. I have also hundreds of purple clay tea pots. There are many small collections, and such small items as pendants of emerald and walnut amber, and two small yellow croakers. I am.specially fond of books. The bookshelves on the wall are full. There are also dozens of bottles of good foreign wine. There are full sets of household appliances; various cooking utensils, pots and pans, rice, oil, salt, noodles, floue,spices, various seasonings, in fact the kitchen is also full. There are also dozens and dozens of photo albums..., looking at the house full of things, I'm worried! The nursing home has only one room with a cabinet, a table, a bed, a sofa, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a TV, an induction cooker and a microwave oven -- all the things I will really need. There is no place to store the wealth that I have accumulated throughout my life. At this moment, I suddenly feel that my so-called wealth is superfluous, and it doesn't belong to me. I just take a look at it, play with it, use it. It actually belongs to this world. The wealth that come in turns are just passing by. Whose palace is the Forbidden City? The Emperor thought it belonged to him, but today it belongs to the people and society. You look at these, you play with these, you use these but you can't take them with you in death. I really want to donate the things in my house, but I can’t get it done. To deal with it has now become a problem. Very few children and grandchildren can appreciate what I have collected. I can imagine what it will be like when my children and grandchildren face with these painstakingly accumulated treasures of mine: all the clothes and bedding will be thrown away; dozens of precious photos will be destroyed; books will be sold as scrap. Collections? If you are not interested, you will dispose of them. The mahogany furniture is not practical and will be sold at a low price. Just like the end of the Red Mansion: only a piece of white left, so clean. Facing with the mountain of clothes, I only picked a few favourites; I only kept a set of pots and pans for kitchen supplies, a few books that are worth reading; a handful of teapots for tea. Bring along my ID card, senior citizen certificate, health insurance card, household register, and of course a bank card. Enough! It's all my belongings! I'm gone. I bid farewell to my neighbours, I knelt down at the door and bowed three times and gave this home back to the world. Yes! In life, you can only sleep in one bed, live in one room. Any more of it is merely for watching and playing! Having lived a lifetime, people finally understand: we don’t really need much. Don’t be shackled by superfluous things to be happy! It's ridiculous to compete for fame and fortune. Life is no more than a bed. For people over 60 years old, shouldnt we think carefully about how to take the last journey in life? Let go of fantasies and baggage, and of those things that can't be eaten, worn, used. Be healthy and be happy With Best Wishes ! 4) Poetry : The Last Journey by Cjshadow https://allpoetry.com/poem/14890321-The-Last-Journey--by-Cjshadow "An odyssey to remember through sleeping eyes, let the light guide your way through darkened skies. Soon, we will see you in the sky dancing, bright and flying high. A shining star to be gazed upon because you will never be gone*." (*From our memories-Warrier)


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