Warrier's Collage January 13, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday January 13, 2022 A Neelambari/Instrumental https://youtu.be/V3CrHR4ui5I Good Morning The two articles included under C have some serious content deserving discussion. Both, in their own way are important. Philosophy, Music and Science* converge somewhere. Economics and industrial arithmetic affect your daily life. Keeping these two observations, do read the two articles 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 *In the original quote, it was Mathematics. I made it Science. Today the whole quote may have to be rewritten. Change is constant. 🙏-Warrier B Responses 1) Ideal Idol Worship V T Panchapagesan Idol worship in any form as described by Aadi Sankara is to develop an IDEAL WITHIN US FOCUSSING THE MIND... Without agitation.. Ganapadyam Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam. Lord Ganesha Saivam Senses control towards godliness. Lord Shiva Kaumaram, Sareeram, Manas, Buddhi, Yasash, Tejas, and Ojas. Lord Muruga Sauram, Kama , Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya, Bhaya. Sun God Vainavam, Health is wealth....Legs, Knees, Thighs, Belly, Chest, Heart, Mouth and Head Sakthi Saraswathi, Mahalakshmi, Parvathi, Maheswari, Manonmani....Energy manifested. This is the way how one sees the reality in Godliness in six ways. Be Well, V T Panchapagesan 2) R Jayakumar Kopeshwar Temple After watching the video on Kopeshwar Temple (link courtesy Shri PPR Sir) I read in full an article accompanying it under Indiatales.com which gives the full description of the work of art involved in the making of the temple. I the video one can see that most of the carvings of elephants have their trunks fully damaged. There was a reference in the article that a visit to the temple by the then emperor Aurangzeb had resulted in some damages. Articles about Kopeshwar temple must be appearing in the press now and then and one may miss reading them. But then why blame the Taj for it... When should we expect the next part of My Story So Far! It is quite interesting to read. C Lead Article : Unique Vs Equality T V M Warrier Nashik Unique is inborn in nature and all its creations - animate or inanimate. An object's behaviour is the result of sum total of all resultant particles it holds . Every single object alone among the others is due to the effect of Unique. So in a way it's confined itself in an island. Two exactly identical parts cannot coexist. A fully unique man can't exist, sans society, compassion, love and all other virtues. In such a condition he may turn an egoist or a demon(a cruel dictator). A man using his intelligence and wisdom can control this state of mind on his own. He has to work out himself for his emancipation. Holy men and Gurus are available for him for direction if he's sincere to march forward. If unique disappears what can occupy in that vacuum (non- unique? No such word exists ). However if such a situation arises every atom in the universe lose their movements in the absence of energy they possessed till then. A state of indolence may prevail- no action, no reaction. Advent of apocalypse. God forbid, let it go no further. Let's examine this proposition in more detail : In the Universe everything is unique. This is a phenomenon inbuilt in every thing : animate or inanimate. Every individual entity is independent and has full freedom. Man is also independent himself in all aspects. When all individuals are independent, the society cannot be free and are prone to chaos and disharmony. In this condition the modern man's dream of nations without borders and his existence as a world citizen will remain only in dreams. Man or any entity in any race is an assembly of innumerable components smallest being atom. All human organs and faculties are again an assembly of atoms.When an atom by its own nature is free and at random, the organs that are formed by the atoms are also free and the sum total of the final product (the man) is also free. All the aggregate thus formed are bound to be flexible and unstable. None of these results is identical in other units. All the small units and atoms are innumerable and capable of interacting between themselves in several permutations and combinations and the situation becomes unique. No aggregate product is identical. However a few of them (they are in millions) may have some near identical characters. Those aggregate (persons) will have some semblance of unity. They may have humility, love, compassion etc. Gurus and Saints may be in this bunch to advise and lead others to prosperity and deliverance. What about the rest that constitute the vast majority?Being intelligent and free to think and judge, they may find some means to attain happiness. Many of us are stuck up in this difficult path. Unique is a character inbuilt in nature and none can bypass. Through a few illustrations this can be explained. When two triangles of the same features and dimensions are superimposed correspondingly and all the lines that forms the figure are exactly coinciding they are congruent in geometrical jargon. In practice it's difficult to achieve because of Unique factor. Does my explanation appear vague? Perhaps. I shall try to elaborate this idea. If you want a part perfect in dimension and accuracy and if it's achieved no other part can take this unique position because this part is assumed to be of zero error (Unique factor) This may be due to material defect(unique formation in its metallurgical texture) or defective process in fabrication, inaccuracy of the machine and tools due to wear and tear etc. Dexterity of the workforce and his energetic variation and fatigue is also a factor to discern. In our present industrial world the intellectuals found a way to tame the zero error. The parts that are slightly defective too may be made useful in case the part is functionally acceptable. This is achieved by limiting the error (tolerance level) conventionally acceptable by a team of skilled engineers using special gauges as a medium of measurement. No standard measuring devices can be used to measure parts in isolation due to their accuracies and huge quantity. For example a simple finished steel rod 50 mm. diameter and length 75 mm. required a thousand pieces. As these pieces demand high accuracy, precision instruments are to be used for checking each piece. This is tiresome and time consuming. By employing gauges the dimensions on the parts are within the allowable deviations. These parts are defined as zero error parts. This is a compromise between fabricational ineptness and quality control. Deeper analysis on these aspects are purely engineering procedure and beyond the purview of this narrative. High quality automobile cars are produced and marketed by companies of repute.They claim that their products are zero error range and undergone rigourous quality control and endurance tests. Due to the impeccable reputation, products are sold like hot cakes. The cost and the conditions stipulated and the warranty are same. But in practice each customer needs services differently(Unique) Their life expectancy also varies.(Unique) In the service this aspects are anticipated by both customer and producer. Those who are less unique in intensity may tend to accept new ideas. These men in audience may easily be influenced by the oratory of the speakers. This is a welcome sign. But they are fickle minded and often unstable in thoughts. A lot of people among the general populace are in this category. They incessantly shift between virtues and evil thoughts. Those who possess high intensity unique are doomed to live in a cocoon of their own making averse to social life unity. By using their intelligence, wisdom and broad thinking they may be able to dilute their unique state of mind. Holy scriptures and guidance from teachers can accelerate their progress. Perhaps Utopia may be visible in the horizon. When we discuss every organism under the ambit of the unique factor, can the virus be excluded? They are perpetual challenge to the pharmaceutical industry, medical fraternity and general public at large. They change their behaviour and shape in such a way that they are unrecognizable with their technique of mutations (similar to the term applied in mathematics). A reputed pharmaceutical company had expressed their limitations in combating the common diseases to the extent that their popular generic medicines are incapable to offer succour to more than 40% of their patients, a fallout of the latent unique factor. So far no mention is made about a non-unique factor. If it exists every thing will be identical. Every object loses its potential. Human beings in that situation lose their Egos and all virtues and evils. He has no social life and no action to perform. Perhaps this may be the character prevailing at the seat of Supreme Spirit (Energy) 2) Interesting article* for employees and pensioners Who's an employee? What are his entitlements? https://every.to/napkin-math/how-ab-5-will-break-ubers-business-876579 *Link Courtesy : TNC Rangarajan D E Madhavan Thrissur shares a memory : A Team comprising Harold James, E Madhavan, P Chandrika Devi, Shri K N S Unni and others from Kochi visited Centenarian Shri M G Nair at his home near Vaniyamkulam during 2009-10 to honour the seniomost member of the RBI Family. E For & Against Fitness Tips* The human body, my family doctor told me, had been built to last a hundred years. If you don't abuse it, the chances are that you'll outlive your contemporaries. Give it reasonably good nourishment, rid yourself of all tensions, an hour of good physical activity like walking. This together with totalabstention from all toxic substances like alcohol and tobacco will certainly enable you to reach the magical three figure. He went on and on about the merits and demerits of various things we normally did in our day-to-day life. Like everyone else I too want to live for a hundred years. For what, you may ask me.‘What is it that you are going to achieve in the remaining 20 years that you have not been able to accomplish during the prime of your life', will be your next question. I will dismiss your questions as merely esoteric and not germane to the subject that I have taken up for discussion. So, coming back to my doctor's advice, I could at once see that I was definitely abusing my body. I had always considered my digestive system as some kind of a super machine that transformed all the trash that I was stuffing it with into something highly nutritious. I started observing strict diet patterns. My eyes filled with tears as yummy desserts passed right under my nose. I suddenly realised that I wanted to live upto a hundred only to continue my joyful existence and not to shun it and become an ascetic. The scales fell from my eyes for a second time. Soon the lightest early morning drizzle gladdened my heart as it meant giving up my morning walk for the day. Oh, it's nice to get up in the morning', But it's nicer to lie in bed. To hell with physical fitness! Not eating what we want to and thinking about it wistfully all day long can be more detrimental to our feeling of well being than eating the stuff and forgetting about it! Dont think of all the restrictions during Pongal. I subscribe to the fact that eating what we are not supposed to eat doesnt kill us but feeling guilty after eating it is the lethal component of what we eat stealthily! We are not a Fortune 100 corporation to have been built to last for hundreds of years. What is the thrill if a company manufactures and sells the same product for 100 years? We need to explore and experiment. There should be some fun in it. However, if it is going to hurt the company, we need to retreat and go back to basics. Especially, if it is going to hurt others, we need to be careful. As long as we explore within our means, keep ourselves reasonably fit, do not depend on others to get up and walk due to our indulgence, do not become so sweet to get attracted by the ants, do not become so salty like a sea water for the heart to find it difficult to pump our blood, etc., we are good. Vathsala Jayaraman F 1) Spirituality/Faith charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 129 संसारु अगम सागरु तुलहा हरि नामु गुरू मुखि पाया .... तजि माइआ मोहु लोभु अरु लालचु काम क्रोध की ब्रिथा गई World is ocean To get across, Guru blesses God's name as raft Shun Maya, attachment, greed, anger, lust, possessiveness Gayand, 1402 https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1480950604134371331?s=20 2) Leisure Jokes 2019-22* Pandemic Laughter... ꧁• Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined myself entering a bank, wearing a mask, and asking for money. ꧁• Never thought my hands would one day consume more alcohol than my liver... ever! ꧁• Lock down seems like a Netflix series: just when you think it's over, they release the next season. ꧁• I’m starting to like this mask thing. I went to the supermarket yesterday and two people that I owe money to didn’t recognize me. ꧁• Those complaining that we didn’t have enough holidays, what now? ꧁• I need to social distance myself from my fridge; I tested positive for excess weight! ꧁• I'm not planning on adding 2020 & 2021 to my age. I didn't even use it! I don't know about 2022. ꧁• We want to publicly apologize to the year 2020 & 2021 for all the bad things we said about it. ꧁• To all the ladies who were praying for their husbands to spend more time with them — how are you doing? ꧁• My washing machine only accepts pyjamas these days. I put in a pair of jeans and a message popped up : “Stay Home " 2019: Avoid negative people 2020: Avoid positive people 2021: Avoid people because you don’t know if they are positive or negative. 2022 please be good. *Received from Shivaram Shetty Ex-RBI Mumbai G Collage in Kerala KOLLAM https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attractions-g784581-Activities-Kollam_Kollam_District_Kerala.html H Bonus : Some strange temples in India https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/11-strange-and-unusual-temples-of-india-454900


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